Wednesday 8 September 2010

Natural Organic skincare...

Angela Langford delivers just that!
Angela makes all the products in Somerset, England. She uses high quality natural ingredients and where possible, organic aswell. Angela uses no parabens, no petrochemicals, no synthetic fragrances or colours.

Angela has spent the last two years developing her natural skincare range and has been trained by one of the best industry experts who has worked with some of the leading natural skincare brands in the business. So you know Angela knows her stuff alright!

I first heard about Angelas products on twitter and soon realised she was offering free samples for new registering customers on her web site. So I recommend you pop straight over and sign up so you to can sample her handmade potions.
Note: I thought it only right I use my grass oilcloth as the background seeings its all natural here!

Well I have been using the samples for 2 days now and so far so good :)
First off I just wanted to say how nice the samples where presented they also came with a hand written message, you can tell Angela takes pride in her products which is really endearing as this too makes them feel special and makes you want to take them out the packaging and try them right away! Well thats I felt and did anyway.

When you register online you answer a few questions so the right samples are selected for your skin type.
Angela sent me a sample of Perfect Pores serum, Scrub up exfoliator and Balance & beautiful facial oil.

I used Scrub up first, the consistency is quite gooey but I personally liked it because you could tell it had been handmade. The Jojoba beads feel like they work 2 jobs, first unclogging and cleaning the skin/pores and then they melt into the skin delivering the natural ingredient into the skin. After the first application I was happy with how it felt on the skin and how my skin felt afterwards. This is suitable for all skin types except for the VERY sensitive.

Next up is Perfect Pores which is a serum for Normal, Combination & Oily Skins.
The serum smells lush!! I would have to say this is my favourite out of the three samples and glides onto my skin.
There is another 2 more serums in the skincare range. A little lift is for Normal, Dry, Dehydrated & Mature Skins and contains some super ingredients, I would really like to try this for the winter months.
The other serum is for men which is fab!! Save Our Skin - Soothing & Calming After Shave Serum.

Next up is the Balanced & Beautiful facial oil which contains heaps of natural ingredients such as Kiwi & Rosehip. This too smells lovely and is suitable for Normal, Combination & Oily Skins.
There is another facial oil available which is suitable for Normal, Dry and Mature skin types.
I use this after the serum and feels lovely again, its very concentrated and you dont need alot.

So far I have and am enjoying these samples and there is something very satisfying about putting goodness back into my skin/body!!
My only criticism is I wished the samples where bigger he he!!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Thank you for this, I've just signed up :)

  2. sherrie i am awaiting my samples as i joined up from your suggestion and angela sent me an email today asking what kind of skin i had. I am sooo looking forward to receiving my samples now i have read your review. When i have tried my samples i will be doing a freview to xx

  3. I'm waiting for my samples too. They sound lovely, i cant wait x

  4. I'm looking forward to getting my samples! x


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