Thursday 5 July 2012

Recent Splurges

Last weekend I popped into my local Primark which is a fair size. I had my blinkers on and surpassed all the clothes making a bee line for the Pyjama section. I never realised you could actually develop a Pyjama addiction! My husband was literally looking at me as if to say 'MOVE away from the Pajamas'! So after filling one of the netted baskets full of Pyjamas I had to eliminate a few pairs and finally came home with 3 sets which I love.

Cropped Cuffed Leggings £5.00 / White Vest Top £2.50

 Regular Leg Printed Bottoms £5.00 / Printed Bunny Top £3.00

 Regular Leg Printed Bottoms £5.00 / Yellow Support Vest £2.50

Then on the way back to the car I popped into Miss Selfridge and spotted a lovely necklace which reminded me of one in Topshop (£18.50) luckily this one only cost £5 in the sale! You may have seen my other spike necklace from Topshop featured in my Weekend post last weekend. Since then I did order another necklace which sold out in my store and it arrived today woo hoo. You may have seen some bloggers with this necklace already, but I don't care because as soon as I saw it I just knew I had to have it.

Topshop Spike Necklace £14 £7

Miss Selfridge Necklace £15 £5

Topshop Metal & Cord Collar £16.50

I had a Boots No7 £5off voucher and was thinking of trying their summer lip glosses which look like the Clarins Lip perfectors, but after a few tweets I was put off so picked up a brow pencil instead. I don't really need a brow pencil but I wanted a Spoolie brush and they didn't sell them as an individual brush. So had to buy the brow pencil which happens to be a great match for my brows so I shall give it a whirl! It worked out I only needed to pay £3 after using the £5off voucher, now that's a bargain!

Last but not least, my Kindle Touch! YAY. This was a very unexpected treat from my in-laws. There's no surprise what I'm reading...

If you have any kindle book suggestions please let me know!

What have you splurged on recently?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. The necklaces are so beautiful! I need to get the Miss Selfridge one!

  2. I love the Topshop necklace! The kindle was by far the best thing I got from my bf at christmas its just so convenient. I did buy the No 7 brow pencil but I found it a bit of a let down, a tad too orangey for my liking, I will be interested to see how you find it :-)

    beckys makeup

  3. I very nearly bought those bunny bottoms the other day! Love the necklaces you chose, they are fab! Will add an edge to any outfit.
    And lucky you receiving a kindle touch! Xo

  4. Wow, so lucky! I REALLY want a kindle!

    Sarah xx

  5. I have both of those necklaces! Except I got the rope choker from BHS on sale a few months ago and the white/gold/silver version of the spikey one. They go with everything :-) Defo try out the No7 lip perfector though, it's actually pretty good.
    What do you think of the Kindle so far? xx

  6. Thanks for your comments ladies, I'm glad you enjoyed this post. xx

    @Becky- Oh no that's a shame it didn't work for you. I've tried it once and so far the shade has been fine. Will give it some more time and will be sure to blog about it. x

    @Tiffany- I thought it was in BHS, I bet you paid a damn sight cheaper than I paid for it. But I do love it, I did check my BHS for it and they didn't have it. I'm loving the Kindle,I'm totally converted :) x

  7. Great buys! I love Primark PJs and really like the look of the legging ones, may have to pop in come payday!
    So jealous of the Kindle! x

  8. totally heading for Primark tomorrow.


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