Sunday 24 June 2012

Lacura Foundation

A few of you have been asking me about the Lacura foundation, I have featured it a couple times now on my blog but wanted to leave it a little while longer before I gave a honest review.
I first heard about the Lacura foundation from Milk Bubble Tea who mentioned it, I immediately thought right 'I gotta have some of that'! So after coaxing the whole family into the car we set off to venture for the Lacura foundation. Lucky for me we have an Aldi pretty close which is great because living in Devon we don't have much- Believe me!
Anyway once inside I dashed around trying to locate the beauty isle, picture 'Supermarket Sweep' and you'll be picturing me. Once I'd found the small beauty section the nest step was locating the foundation and checking out the shades. Sadly there wasn't many shades, from what I can remember I would say 4 shades. After swatching the testers I decided that Beige was best suited, this was the second darkest shade. The first one was too light and more pink toned where as I'm slightly more yellow toned. Then after trying to find my shade from the boxes above I couldn't find it, you know when your heart starts beating a little faster and you can feel yourself getting a little warmer. Yep sad I know but once I see something I want it's all I can think about. After frantically climbing on the lower shelf and lifting myself up higher I finally found my shade. Phew! Sweat bands at the ready. Then I casually strolled back to the car grinning like a Cheshire cat- MISSION complete.

OK sorry about the ramblings!

Packaging is packaging, what would you expect from Aldi? After recycling the box I soon found myself unscrewing the lid and trying it on my hand. The bottle is slim line and fits perfectly in my makeup bag, no glass bottles weighing it down. The applicator is friendly, just a little squeeze of the tube and the product comes out easy and quickly. So far so good.

The texture is lovely and creamy, to be frank it's a dream to apply and leaves my skin looking flawless. Out of all my BB creams and foundations I would say this is without a doubt the best value for money. I would 100% recommend you try to get your hands on one if you can, just be careful of shades. Like all foundations you do need to try them first. What has impressed me most about this foundation is the finish and longevity, this lasts me best part of day. Which is the same as most other foundations/BB creams I use. I have used a loose powder over the top to set it and this gives me an extra hour or so. When my skin has been more on the oily side I've used the Lacura foundation and it's applied and lasted relatively well. It's not a dewy finish but a satin finish which suits me fine. It covers blemishes and dark circles well but I still rely on my trusty concealer for extra coverage.

Is this for you?
Well it doesn't contain an SPF so you would need to apply one separately. It's not easy to get hold of, especially if you don't live near an ALDI. Another factor which I must mention is the scent, it's not a terrible scent which bothers me enough to stop using it. However it is a scent which I personally dislike. Having said that, once the foundation has been applied there's no after smell, so it's just me being picky but I want to be honest and let you know.

Oh and do you want to know the best bit?? This only costs £2.39!! I will without a doubt be re-purchasing this!

Will you be trying the Lacura foundation?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I have the transparent (not the best as a foundation but that's what i get for buying a transparent foundation) one, I got it to use as an eyeshadow base and I love it. xx

  2. I was going to buy this and thought it was 6.99!! clearly I am blind because I would have snapped it up for 2.39!!

    I have ran out of foundation and money so this is def on the list for me :D xxx

  3. @Livv - I'm really interested to try more of the range. x

    @Georgia- I couldn't remember how much I paid but I know for sure it wasn't more than £4 then saw it on the ALDI website for £2.39 so assumed that must have been the price. I will double check when I'm next down there again. x

  4. I have had the nail polish and it is great! All the foundations were too dark for me tho :-(

  5. It's amazing what little gems you can find in supermarkets! Xo

  6. Is this more of a yellow based foundation? Or are they some pink toned shades in the range?

  7. Most of the Lacura products by Aldi are great & a fraction of the price of the leading brands. The foundation & lipstick are my favourites. Try them all.


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