Sunday 13 May 2012

New Jewellery- Skulls, Peace Signs, Moustaches & more...

A little while ago I blogged about a few new pieces which I bought from Ebay, you can check that post out here. Take a peak because I bought some really cool necklaces! Since then I've bought some more but not sure I've blogged or mentioned them so i wanted to share some photos with you guys. I have added the exact seller where I can, but to be honest there's heaps of sellers which all sell the same pieces. I will often search for an item and then refine the searches to see which seller sells it the cheapest. I also look at their feedback as well before making my choices.

I just wanted to add this photo from a previous post, I've been loving this combo together! Skulls & Peace Signs are my new weakness, I'm currently searching for a nice peace sign bracelet. The seller I bought both of these where from here. I mean come on 99p and free shipping? I wish I bought more now for little presents.

 Next up are the items which I bought a little while ago on Ebay, these are also super cheap and super cute!

Tree of Life necklace, I love birds and knew this was a given so had to have it! I bought mine from this seller here.  This cost £1.39 and free p&p

Alloy Moustache necklace, as you know Moustaches have made a big impact lately. I can't find which seller I bought mine from but I found a seller here selling the same one I have for 99p and free p&p!

Retro Castle Ring I love the cute retro feel to this ring, it looks fab on and I always get comments when I'm wearing it. I bought this from here and costs £1.19 free P&P

So there you have it, you don't need to spend heaps on the latest jewellery trends, just pop onto Ebay and have a look! They do take a little while 2 weeks but well worth the wait!

I would love to know your favourite pieces?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I love buying jewellery on eBay, so cheap! I love the moustache necklace, I think I am going to have to pick that up!

    Frances xx

  2. Great finds, I esp love the bronze tree, really pretty x

  3. Such pretty necklaces. I can never find nice stuff on ebay.x

  4. Love!! I've been looking for very cute necklaces lately :) I need to look on eBay. Thanks for recommending :) love the skull and peace necklace :)



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