Tuesday 1 May 2012

NEOM - Real Luxury Organic Body Lotion

NEOM is a new brand to myself, I first heard about it when I had a subscription with Carmine beauty box. I can't remember which month NEOM was featured in their boxes but boy oh boy their Real Luxury Organic Body Lotion smells out of this world! Once you unscrew the lid the aroma transports you somewhere magical and serene.

I received the Real Luxury: Organic Body Lotion and luuuurve it with a passion. I will be very sad when it's all used up and as you can tell from the size of the bottle that won't be long! They also have other body lotions which I suspect are just as luxurious as Real Luxury.


Ingredients such as - Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood help to calm the senses and make you feel revived, well it has this effect on me!


I'm not surprised this was winner if the Bazaar Hot 100 Beauty Awards for skin. It's smells amazing but it actually does a good job at keep dryness at bay. As you know I have dry skin all over and often refer myself to a shedding snake- gross I know! So finding a body lotion which works wonders and smells unbelievable is fab. I've seen a few rave reviews now mentioning NEOM Organics and so thought I would join in the fan club and share my thoughts with you.

You can purchase NEOM online from their web site, they have amazing candles so I've heard *wink*.

I would love to know if you've tried NEOM. Leave any suggestions below, I love reading them.


Sherrie xoxo

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