Tuesday 1 May 2012

Glossy Box- April's Edition 'Au Naturel'

Well in case you haven't seen or heard, GlossyBox have just sent out their April's edition and this month they've gone 'au naturel' in support of Earth Month!

My first impressions where positive, I loved the different box and the reasoning behind it. GlossyBox have covered it all, from the natural 100% biodegradable box down to the beige crossgrain ribbon and rustic shredded filling.

Feast your eyes peeps!

We're getting closer...

Almost there...

Hey Presto!

OK so what's in April's Glossybox?

I've wanted to try BURT'S BEES for a while now and it's so exciting when you see a brand which you want to try! Thumbs up GlossyBox. This is a great travel size, perfect for your mini-breaks and holidays. I'll be packing mine for my family holiday, this is packed full of nourishing ingredients which claim to hydrate you for up to 24HRS. Yep I'll have some of that please!

I've not heard of this brand before so when I saw this I instantly started Googling the brand name, as you may know I suffer from dry skin so this will be loved very much! My skin is going through a little bad patch at the moment, but I can see me reaching for this as and when I need that extra help. I imagine this would be a great product to use around the winter time. A very generous sized sample- 50ml! 

I first tried Caudalie from the Carmine box and if I remember rightly it was their Sorbet Creme which to be honest didn't impress me much. So I'm hoping this time around it does, I've also seen some fab reviews about their Beauty Elixir. I would love to see this in a GlossyBox *wink*.
Another good size- 30ml.

Oh yeah, I frickin' love this scent, it smells lovely- much better than the Sweet Geranium version which I had to throw away the other week. Basically when I opened the tin to use it, I noticed it had this layer of squidgy product over the top which had gone like glue so I'm really hoping this doesn't do the same thing. I stored it in a cool dry place- my bedroom cabinet! I adore the Art Nouveau packaging and design, I would love to have a smell of the rose version, being a 'Rose' addict that I am.

I've tried a couple products from INIKA before and was fairly impressed so I'm more than happy to give their eye liner a whirl. Plus I'm just starting to enjoy wearing eyeliner again so this has come at the right time. The Kohl feels smooth and glides on effortlessly, thumbs up!

 As you can see this is a fab April box, these contents are well worth the money I mean come on £12 + P&P is steal don't you think?  You can sign up with Glossybox online www.glossybox.co.uk

What do you think of April's GlossyBox?

Sherrie xoxo

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