Thursday, 24 May 2012

Getting my Nails in Tip Top Condition

You may know that I've been wishing for luscious long strong nails for months well if you know me that well I've always wished for nicer nails.

I've tried various brands and whilst they seem to help initially my nails seem to get use to them and the resort back to their shameful excuse of a nail. So I have now started taking Vitamin D tablets and have got myself into a good routine when painting my nails.

I bought these after tweeting and asking how I can get better healthier nails, after a couple tweets I was recommended some Vitamin D tablets. I bought these mega cheap from Holland & Barrett for around £3, I think they were on offer. I started taking them then got lazy but am right back on it now. I take 2 a day with food.

My cuticles get really dry thanks to being a busy wife and mummy, I always wear marigolds when doing the dishes to help my nails. I suffer from dry soft peeling nails, so you could say they're pretty crap really! I love this nail oil which smells lush, it's from Nailtiques and has a handy roller ball applicator. I carry this around with me and try to put on at least once a day now. It contains Avcoado Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Sunflower and safflower oil. This really hydrates my cuticles and nails quickly and effectively. Another good habit to keep up is filing, making sure you keep them rounded or straight will help protect and keep them stronger for longer. If I get a nag on mine I try to file it smooth so that it doesn't get caught on any thing or even tear the whole nail tip off.  So annoying when that happens! Especially when you've just managed to grow it past your finger tip then it snaps, or breaks at the side.
I just opened up a new file from Anatomicals and it's a really good file, it's firm and works very smoothly!

I've tried a few different brands for nail treatments and whilst some of them have been fab and worked they haven't worked wonders. I'm currently using some treatments from the ORLY range.
I have reviewed these on my blog,  Nailtrition helps seal peeling nails and encourages them to grow smoother and faster hoping to prevent peeling. Nail Defense is a great base and top coat which helps repair nails and keep them strong. Calcium Build helps build thicker stronger nails, this is great for thin and weak nails.

I will let you know how my nails are getting on soon, do you have naturally long strong nails? What tips advice do you give? Any magic products which I need to know about?

Thanks for reading!
Sherrie xoxo


  1. Hey hunny, I think you should Take a multivit too and hopefully the nails will improve. I take sainsburys skin hair and nails supliment it is gr8 but will take 2 months to show big improvement. X

  2. Just about to try Jessica Phenomen Oil for cuticles and nails. Also heard olive oil is very good for cuticles! Jen x

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies :)

    @Milkymoles- I remembered when I was pregnant and took folic acid my hair and nails grew loads!
    Hoping these Vit D tablets work. x

    @Jenny- sounds good! x


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