Friday 2 March 2012

Friday's Face Mask - Virgin Olive

Well I haven't posted a 'Friday's Face Mask' for a while! The weather has zapped all the moisture out of my skin so I've had to use some extra products to keep my skin hydrated and protected. One of which is a face mask from Montague Jeunesse, Virgin Olive is for combination skin types. But I've used it to help hydrate my skin, I have dry skin and found the Virgin Olive & Shea Butter really moisturising.


The texture is lovely and creamy and thick like most face masques.


You can purchase this face masque online from OR I'm sure you would've seen these in your local supermarket if not Boots or Superdrug.


Thanks for reading!

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I like this masks and I need to keep and eye opend if I spot this one.

  2. I love these masks especially the Strawberry Souffle one! xx


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