Saturday 17 March 2012

Benefit Cha cha Tint

After having an amazing day yesterday in London and having my makeup done by the very gorgeous Lisa Valencia, I've been lusting over glowy dewy cheeks ever since. So when I found myself pondering over a blush choice for today I found myself reaching for Benefit Cha Cha Tint. I don't have many Benefit products but I love reading reviews about their boxed blushes. After reading Ghostparties post about Hervana & Bella Bamba I'm now lusting after them! Ok so onto Cha Cha, Benefit describe this tint as- A Mango tinted Lip & Cheek stain, I'm sticking to that. This is a perfect shade for spring/summer, or whenever you want a lovely natural glow. I have a weakness for coral/peach shades on the cheeks and knew this would become a firm favourite in my stash.

I applied Cha Cha tint the way which Benefit recommend, you can download a PDF file showing you the simple steps to achieving the perfect look. If you place it in the wrong place it could end up a little wrong! I've added the PDF step by step below to show you lovely lot.

If I could give you one word of advice it would be speed, be quick when applying Cha Cha Tint. I would suggest you apply to one cheek at a time and then be quick when blending else you could have stripes or dabs on your cheeks which probably isn't the look you're after.

I love the soft glow this gives my skin, I can see me reaching for this lots in the months ahead, the only thing is sometimes I'm just so stuck in my ways and always seem to come back to powder blush. So it'll be interesting to see how often Cha Cha is used.

What are you're Benefit favourites?

If you had to pick between Benefit Hervana OR

Bella Bamba which one would you pick?


Sherrie oxoxo


  1. Oh this is beautiful on you! I love Posietint but haven't tried this one. And I have Hervana and think it's one of the loveliest blushers ever, so am biased! Haha, haven't tried the other one.

    Nic x

  2. Oh I got this recently too after eyeing it for way too long and i love it! I love the colour it turns out on the cheeks and it's saying power is amazing.. I'll be doing a review on it soon and I'll let you know how I prefer to apply it..

    It looks stunning on you by the way! You look so glowy and healthy!

  3. Benefit Hervana! I bought it today and OMG. It is gorgeous! :) xx

  4. I have Bella Bamba, and it is really pretty! I also really like Sugarbomb... My favourite Benefit product (so far!) though is Coralista :0)


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