Monday, 27 February 2012

KORRES fragrance - Paeonia/ Vanilla/ Amber Pear

KORRES have a range of lovely fragrances and I've been using 2 of them! They are such beautiful scents which are very feminine and sophisticated. Today I'm going to blog about Paeonia / Vanilla / Amber Pear, just typing these key notes make this sound a very feminine fragrance. I really like the packaging, the fragrance is encased in a very hard wearing cardboard which actually represents a book and when you open up the box the text inside reads the history of the scent. The bottle itself is very strong and made of thick heavy glass, the white lids a very different from anything you would expect to be on a perfume bottle but Korres are very true to their brands heritage and their ethos and this represents the pharmacies and homeopathic feel. I really like the bottle, very different looking from your traditional perfume bottle but still very striking and bold.


Intensely feminine, distinct character

Top notes

Pear, Apple, Bergamot

Heart notes

Peony, Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli, Sage, Peach

Dry out

Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Korres say-

Peony blossoms were believed to be the Olympian gods’ gift to Healers and were adored by mortals as a panacea.

The concise aura of the peony scent unveils a yet to be tamed character, reminiscent of the high mountains where this beautiful flower grows.

 Derived from tropical climbing orchids, the vanilla pod is believed to awaken the senses and induce dreams of love.

A sublime ingredient with a distinctively sweet and seducing aroma.

Pear trees, heavy with sunborn juicy fruits and scents of joy; fruits that lose their rich taste as they ripen, yet become even more fragrant, releasing a long lasting aroma.


You can purchase this particular scent as well as the other fragrances online from


Have you tried or seen Korres fragrances?

Sherrie xoxo

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