Tuesday 28 February 2012

ghd styling products

I've been trying some hair styling products by ghd, and wanted to share my thoughts with you lovely bunch.

ghd have a great selection of hair styling products, whenever I hear ghd mentioned or read about the brand I always think hair straighteners, which to be fair is what they are renowned for but after learning a bit more about the brand my perception has grown.


Final Shine Spray is the business! This is my favourite hair styling product. You may think yeah yeah you've seen them all before, one shine spray the same as the rest of them. NO, seriously now ladies & gents this doesn't just give your hair a nice shine it literally transforms your hair into dazzling locks. When I first tried this I sprayed it onto my wavy hair, I basically went a little retro and plaited my hair after I washed it and then slept in it. So when I woke and untied the braids my hair was all wavy like a mermaid. I clipped back sections and pinned them to the crown. To finish off I used the Final Shine Spray. When I finished and and was tidying up I couldn't believe how shiny my hair looked, under the light it literally was dazzling. Now I'm not sure if that's because I have darker hair or if you would get as good a result on blonde hair but I know you would on red hair. I'm bridesmaid at the end of this month and I can't wait to use it again. I plan on curling my hair and using the Final Spray will really accentuate the curls.

This is not a hair spray which will hold your style, so chances are you would use this last? It smells very reminiscent of an old fashioned smell I think but I can't quite put my finger on it.

£9.95 / 100ml


Straight & Smooth spray is perfect for every day use and ghd even suggest to use a spritz in between washes to refresh you hair when using your styler to straighten. I've used this on wet hair and then once dry I have straightened my hair and it felt so soft and the plates just glided over my hair.As with all the ghd styling products they have a really nice subtle scent which leaves your hair smelling fresh and like you've just been to a salon. You can kiss good bye to frizzy unruly hair, with just 4-6 sprays depending on your hair style and length. You can also spray onto dry hair and then style as you would normally.

£12.95/ 120ml


Smooth and Finish Serum is great for adding shine and smoothing down your hair, if you have dry spilt ends which resembles straw then this is a must for you! A serum is like a face cream you wouldn't not apply face cream would you? So think the same for your hair and the spilt ends. If you keep treating them and applying the serum as a treatment especially if you use styling tools on your hair or if you colour hair this would really help the condition.

Not to be used just for straight hair but great for curls and waves, when i plait my hair and then sleep in it, the next day it does have a tendency of looking a bit scarecrow-ish. However once i've applied a pump of this my hair is frizz free and a lot smoother and sleek. I use one pump and rub between my palms and then apply it to my mid-end lengths and then rub the ends between my palms for a little extra.

£14.95 / 30ml



Total Volume Foam is great if you want an extra kick to your hair. If you think your hair is limp and lifeless then this is a MUST for you! I've loved using this to create some extra root lift and then back combing at the crown and clipping back sections of my hair. The mousse contains the ghd heat protectant system so whatever styling tools you use on your hair, you can be rest assured it's protected. I found the mousse easy to use and not thick and gloppy, my hair easily absorbed it. I've found you get a really good result if you apply it to damp hair in sections and then blow dry.

£14.95 /


Have you seen or tried any of these products? I would love to know what you think?

Thanks for reading!

Sherrie xoxo


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