Wednesday 22 February 2012

Annabelle's Wigs- Pastels

Hello everyone! Following on from my previous post featuring Annabelle's Wigs I've been mega excited to blog about their coloured wigs. After seeing the pastel makeup look which Karla Powell did for the new MUA Love Hearts collection and the pastel wigs curtiosy of Annabelle's Wigs I have been lusting over them! On the shoot they used these amazing pastel wigs which look totally gorgeous. I soon found myself looking at the Annabelles Wigs website at all their lovely wigs, they have a great range of colours, lengths and styles.

My favourite has to be the Donna wig which is a pretty candy pink, I love the fringe which helps frame the face. I'm a big fringe fan but never seem to be able to style them on myself so having a wig which you can style yourself is great. The Annabelle wigs look so silky and thick from the photos, whilst you probably wouldn't wear a pink wig everyday or a turquoise wig they are great to have for parties or special nights out.

Photography & Styling -Ryan Handy /

Makeup & hair - Karla Powell /

Model- Claire Hanson / Gingersnap

I was pleasently surprised at the price of the wigs, the Donna wig mesures a whooping 28 inches/72 cms long and costs £26.99! I think that is such a good price to pay because this wig isn't going to get matted or look out of shape after 2 wears, this wig will last as long as you want it to aslong as you look after it. I think that price is very reasonsble myself, you are getting a lot of hair. Just think how much extensions cost and how many you need.

Annabelle's Wigs say-

A beautiful, extra long, light pink wig with a side-parting, which has a wonderful curl and bounce and a naturally side sweeping fringe.

This wig is made from 100% Kanekalon, which is so soft and silky, it feels like real hair. The hair itself is sewn onto an adjustable, light netting cap.


The other wig which was used on the shoot was the stunning Iris short bob wig with a lovely full fringe.

Isn't Iris fab? I think she's a fun care free type of gal who likes to make an entrance and knows how to have a good time. I love the clean sharp cut of this bob, a bob can totally transform your look and is a real smart style which is always in fashion. If you ever fancied having short hair but couldn't brave the hair cut then why not have a little fun with Iris.

Annabelle's Wigs say-

A beautiful, turquoise blue razor cut bob wig, with a gorgeous bounce and a very flattering fringe.

This wig is made from 100% Kanekalon, which is so soft and silky, it feels like real hair. The hair itself is sewn onto an adjustable, light netting cap.


I recently blogged about The Lino range from Annabelle's Wigs so if you missed that you can catch up here, I hope you enjoyed the post and you can see more of Annabelle's Coloured Wigs here. I think collecting wigs could be a new fun addiction! I like the look of Violet.

I would love to know if you're a Donna or an Iris??

Thanks for reading!

Sherrie xoxo


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