Tuesday 10 January 2012

BlanX whitening Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Fresh faced and fresh breathe and white teeth are all on my agenda. Oh and a flat tummy for the summer! Teeth Whitening is becoming so popular now and most people know about it and have even tried some form of teeth whitening themselves. Whether that be at the dentist or a home tray kit of even a toothpaste. The prices can really very from one treatment to another. I've tried teeth whitening myself and got on fine however it can be pricey which can put some folk off. SO teeth whitening toothpaste is the way forward and I've been testing out a new Toothpaste called BlanX. I've still got a couple weeks to go yet but I wanted to give an inital review and then will do a follow up.



I have sensitive teeth so this is the perfect product for me. Some teeth whitening products can strip the natural enamel of your teeth, so if you have sensitive teeth this would be perfect for you. It comes in a traditional pump form which again is ideal for me, I hate having to squeeze out the tubes. Plus this looks and sits nicely in/on your bathroom cabinet.


The box which the toothpaste is packaged in has a tooth shade guide which is handy, you can check which shade you are then after a little while of using the paste you can test them again to see the changes. Obviously this is a toothpaste so it will be gradual but still it should be noticeable after 30 days. If you're a heavy tea & coffee drinker BlanX would be great for you. They have other options which you can pick from such as-

*Advanced Whitening

*Intensive Stain Removal

*Extrawhite Intensive Whitening Treatment

*Classic White

*Whitening Mouthwash



I was expecting the toothpaste to taste gritty but it didn't which was a lovely surprise.

BlanX say-

Combines gentle whitening with two active ingredients to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth. The special formula strengthens and reinforces tooth enamel, penetrating inside the tooth enamel to reduce sensitivity to temperature change, brushing and chewing.

My teeth have really taken well to using this and since using it I can honestly say I've not experienced any discomfort or sensitivity which is great news for me, I struggle eating Ice-cream and ice-cold water normally.

Thanks for reading!

Sherrie xoxo

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