Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Elemis Pro Radiance hand cream

The cold weather is finally here and is already playing havoc with my skin! My poor lips are already chapped and sore and my hands have been feeling the brunt of the cold weather. Especially seeing I have 2 little children, when we are out and about I tend not to wear gloves as I find they get in the way. Luckily I've been using a new hand & nail cream by ELEMIS which will now help my hands and nails stay soft and supple.

Elemis launched their new Sp@home range earlier this Autumn. They have a lovely range of products for both shower and bath. You can view the range here.

One of the newest products to launch from this collection is their Pro-Radiance hand and nail cream. This will not be available till early next year, February time. If you where on the ball and bought the QVC's amazing Elemis TSV recently then you would've had this in the special offer set.
The packaging is identical to the new Pro-Radiance Body Cream and smells very similar, the size is a full 100ml so this is going to last you a while.

The bottle is nice and clean cut as with all Elemis products.

The key ingredients are:

* Camellia
* Milk protein
* Macadamia
* Virgin plum
* Wheat germ
* Jojoba seed
* Avallana seed oil

I've been using this daily before I go bed and also when I wake in the morning. It's very rich and creamy and doesn't leave an irritating greasy layer after application, which means you can hold and pick up things without dropping them or losing a grip! The fragrance is lovely and lingers on your hands for a while after which is different from any hand & nail cream I've tried before.

Elemis say-
'Make every day an Elemis spa day'

That would be amazing wouldn't it?

Elemis recommend for an extra pampering treat, apply generously and cover with cotton gloves and leave overnight.

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  1. I got the TSV, but as it's a Christmas present to myself I've been a good girl and haven't started using anything yet - but I look forward to it! x


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