Friday 2 December 2011

bliss Steep Clean facial mask & Video review of Triple Oxygen mask

Following on from my last bliss post I wanted to share another facial mask by bliss which quite frankly is bliss! I hate the pores on my nose and often can't help but pick them which is such the wrong thing to do but the temptation is too much sometimes. So thank god i've now stopped gouging my skin and have been using a treatment face mask by bliss called Steep Clean 15 minute facial.

bliss say-

Why we love it
• exfoliates dulling dead skin cells for a clearer complexion
• decongests clogged pores to minimize breakouts
• brightens skin to prevent post-blemish hyperpigmentation
• regulates oil without drying

This pore plunging, clog clearing mask will transform skin into a scene of extremely clean when used weekly for 15 minutes. Intensive exfoliation, oil elimination, and deep pore purging are a perfect for all (but especially pimple prone) skin types.

The smell is amazing which is always a good starting point when using a facial mask, even though you can use this all over the face and neck I've been targeting my pore prone areas such as my t-zone. The pump is really cool, you place two fingers on top of the bottle's pump and depress with even pressure to release the two formulas. You then blend the blue and yellow until it turns a green, this is activating the exfoliating enzymes. Massage over face and neck, leave for 15 minutes and then gently wipe off. To be used once a week.

I can definitely say my skin is looking brighter and find myself popping this on rather than picking which is always a good sign, I find that any small blemishes which i use to get on my nose or on my fore head has settled down as well.

I thought the results which are stated on the box where really interesting to know-

73% saw reduction in pore size

87% felt skin was purified/ deeply cleansed

76% felt product eliminated dead skin cells

*results from a 4 weeks independent clinical trial*


Following on from this review I wanted to film a little video featuring another one of bliss's facial masks which is their very popular Triple oxygen instant energizing mask. I hope you enjoy the video review and please leave a comment.


What facial masks have you been trying lately?


Sherrie xoxo


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