Wednesday 2 November 2011

PLEASE READ new BLOG Beauty In The Mirror

Hello everyone just a quick update from me, in case you don't follow me on twitter or if you do you may have missed my heap of tweets mentioning my NEW updated blog!

I have now made the big leap to move to Word Press and I now have my own domain which is SUPER exciting! Sadly I couldn't take my original blog name Mirror, Mirror On The Wall with me as it was already taken so after much thought I decided on the name Beauty In The Mirror which still has the same ring to it.

I want to thank you all for supporting me and following my blog and I hope you will all join me over at my new home, if you are already following me then don't worry you don't have to re-follow me again as my clever hubby has taken my GFC button over on Beauty In The Mirror which is great.
I would love to know your thoughts about the new blog, there's still some slight tweaking to do but it's all there.

Lots of Love 

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