Friday, 7 October 2011

Anesis Fish Spa- Get the Celebrity Look!

Fish-Pedicures/Manicures are becoming so popular now and people are going back for more and more treatments. I know I have and love it! Anesis is London's largest fish spa and boy is it first-class, the interior is absolutely stunning no wonder all the celebrities go their for their fishy fun.
From a 10-minute trial for those fish virgins out there who are a little unsure, to a deluxe Piscean Pedicure. Anesis provides a unique relaxing experience which really is pampering at its best!

They recently had an event which was fab as they were offering their guests one of their signature treatments and a nice file & polish to fin-ish off the treatment. Sorry for the pun I had to get that one in there ha ha!

Garra fish are native to warm climates such as Turkey, Syria and Iran and in their natural habitat act as cleansers to bigger fish removing their dead skin cells. They release an enzyme called diathanol which helps alleviate your problem your problem areas and leave your skin super soft and youthful! Sounds great right?

 Anesis say-
The tiny fish doctors will gently remove dead skin to leave feet smooth and rejuvenated. Completely pain-free and rather like a Jacuzzi sensation the treatments available at Anesis are the ultimate in luxurious relaxation. Favoured by the likes of Sarah Harding Anesis’ unique approach is the celebrities’ choice when it comes to fish therapy.

Anesis has a range of beauty treatments and is right on the ball with up to date treatments and the latest beauty crazes! From HD brows to LVL Lashes.
If you're ever looking for a real treat then stop by Anesis Spa for a 'whale of time', you can see their treatments and prices here.
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