Sunday 5 June 2011

Treat your Dad or Grandad this Fathers Day

Sadly I don't have a Dad but I have my grandad who has brought me up and has been the 'Father' figure in my life so you could say he is my Dad ♥
My husband was kindly sent some products from the company The Gentry Grooming Co and so here are his thoughts on the products.

Gentrification Day fragrance is really nice when first applied however does not last long which is a shame because the fragrance scent is really appealing and when I first tried this I liked it and have been using it every day since. The packaging is different and very 'Manly' I like the simplicity of the bottle simple yet classic. The fragrance itself is spot on, whilst it's fresh it still has that masculinity about it which is appealing because other male fragrances often have a sweet scent about them. There is also a Night scent which has different notes and sounds appealing this seems a stronger scent which is why this is more suited for the evening.

£34.95 (50ml)

The Face Balm is a light-weight moisturiser which is not greasy and smells really fresh on the skin. You can certainly smell the Mint in this which gives it that fresh feel on the skin and the mix of Black Pepper gives it a nice scent. Again the packaging is different and masculine and the choice of a tube is great, I don't like products which come in pump form as I feel you don't have as much control over the product.

£14.95 (50ml)

The Shave Oil is a first for me, I normally use a foam to shave or even use my electric shaver. A wet shave is always the best though but because my skin gets so sore and red I don't like to wet shave more than twice a week. The oil feels really hydrating on the skin which is good as my skin does have a tendency of being on the dry side. I did learnt though that you need to be very careful and gentle when squeezing out some of the product because I did and quite a lot came out. The scent was nice, a musky scent which is different than the Face Balm but is a scent which I have smelt before with Men's Skincare.

£9.95 (30ml)

With Fathers Day just around the corner if I received these products as a gift this would tick all the boxes and beats another pair of socks!

Thanks to my lovely hubby for his review of the products mentioned above, just to let you know that TheGentryGroomingCo have a selection of Gift Sets which range from £10-60 you can also buy Gift Vouchers. I think gifts like these are great for men because sometimes they don't always think or want to go shopping for products but often find themselves using your creams and potions! So why not give them a treat ♥

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