Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Topshop Sandstorm Nails

Following on from my previous post about Topshop Nails I wanted to share my thoughts on a couple Nail shades which are from the Sandstorm Collection.

♥ Summit & Cyclone ♥
£5 each

As with all Topshop Makeup packaging the design of the Nail polishes are cute and compact! These 2 polishes are from the Sandstorm Collection, I like their square shape different from anything I've seen.

I can't pick a favourite as I love them both, I love the subtle cream shade of Summit a softer yellow gold. The photo makes the polish look brighter than what it is, this is not what I would call a bright sunshine yellow which I like.

♥ Summit ♥

Next up is Cyclone which is a stunning Grey almost a like a soft grey lilac in some lights. The finish is slighty different almost like a metallic finish not a creamy finish. I must admit when I saw this shade in the bottle it didn't appeal to me but once I painted it on my nails I soon grew to love it and its such a pretty shade!

♥ Cyclone ♥

There are another 2 shades from the Sandstorm Nail Collection called Zenith which is a stunning bright blue and the other shade is called Scorch which is a beautiful Coral shade. These both look stunning! I would recommend you check these out next time your walking by Topshop.

Keep your eyes peeled as I also have been trying some Topshop Makeup and will be uploading my feature later on this week hopefully.

Thanks for reading my lovelies, have you tried these? Have you tried any shades from their Core collection? Any suggestions I should look out for?


  1. The yellow is really nice, can't wait to raid the beauty section of topshop now! x

  2. The yellow is really nice, can't wait to raid the beauty section of topshop now! x

  3. They both look gorgeous, but the sizes seem really small!


  4. love the grey! i like the packaging of these too x

  5. how many mls are they? They seem very small for £5! xx


  6. Oh wow, both colours are so gorgeous!! I also really love the shape of your nails.

  7. Thanks for your comments ladies :)

    Yes the downside is they are small! Only a 6ml in size :( xx

  8. @Get Gawjus It really is x


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