Sunday 15 May 2011

Topshop Makep Cream Blush

I have read and seen lots of rave reviews about the Cream blushes from Topshops Core range and I can totally see why! I have Nutmeg and Neon Rose and as you can see from the swatches below they both give very different looks. I've been eyeing up Flush which is a rose shade, to be honest they are only £6 each and so worth the money so having a few of them wont break the bank and is still kind on your purse.

As you probably already guessed I love the packaging so neat and compact and great for carrying around in your makeup bag or purse. I like the handy mirror inside the compacts great for when your on the go or just want to touch up your blush.

The texture was very easy to work with a cream-soft powder formula which easily blends on the cheeks for a perfect flash of colour. I have been wearing Nutmeg a little more but still love Neon Rose. I love how you can just top up the colour as and when you wish an it feels so light on the skin as if you haven't got anything on. Perfect for summer if you ask me! Everyone should try these if they can ♥


  1. I love the look of neon rose, ive seen it on a few posts before its just my colour :) My topshop dont stock makeup yet its so anoying x

  2. I think you've just persuaded me to add them to my shopping list :) xxx

  3. I keep meanting to try these out - I must pick some up next time I'm at Top Shop! xx

  4. I own Neon Rose(and so do a million other bloggers, LOL). It definitely is a staple for most beauty junkies, the colour is universalsosuits most skin tones. I'm surprised it's £6 as Topshop clothes are a bit of a rip off. Haha. Saying that,hope the prices don't go up. Lovely review my love. xo

  5. These look gorgeous! I love their formula too :)


  6. Nutmeg looks really wearable! Thanks for the swatchesx

  7. Loving the look of Nutmeg...i have a topshop cream blush in 'Flush' i don't hear that one mentioned very much. I must go buy Nutmeg :) xx

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies :)

    @nicoletta thats a shame hun! Im lucky and our Topshop is a big Topshop and is well stocked!x

    @Kim lol they are so wearable Kim and very easy to use x

    @ThebristolBeautyBlog Let me know how you get on hun x

    @Halima Yes the clothes are mega bucks! x

    @Shifa yes the formula is so light and blendable x

    @Jenny Nutmeg is my fav :) x

    @Hayley I really like the look of Flush is it more peachy? x

  9. Nutmeg looks like a great, everyday color and I adore the packaging! :) x


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