Thursday 5 May 2011

Mac Lord it up Vs Avon 24K Gold Eyeliner

One of my favourite eye liners has to be by Mac and like most products I love from Mac this was Limited Edition. Lord it Up was released with The Tartan Tale collection and is a stunning pearlglide eye liner. Best described as a medium brown with a stunning gold micro glitter running through it. It's like a rich chocolate shade.
This is the first pearlglider I have tried and it literally lives up to it's name 'glider', the texture is so soft and almost like butter it melts on the skin and lasts all day!

The only downside to these eye liners has to be how delicate they are, for instance as you can see from the pic below I dropped mine and when it hit the floor the nib took some battering! It's ok as I will just re-sharpen it but you have to be careful with them and putting on the lid aswell!

So with all Limited Edition items I'm always looking for a dupe and when I saw a similar product in Avons brochure I ordered it and this is a comparison for you all to see. You can see below the gold particles in both eyeliners.

♥ Mac Lord It Up £12.50 ( I think ) ♥
♥ Avon 24k Gold Eyeliner £4 ( Golden Brown )

The swatches below show the Avon 24K is more intense in colour but not as shimmery as Lord it up with the micro glitter. The Avon 24K eyeliner isn't showing up any gold but it is very faint. So I took a photo indoors and one outdoors, the photo outdoors shows the stunning finish of Lord it Up. I must admit I still love the finish of Lord it Up but the texture and the consistency is so creamy for me I like my eyeliners to keep a nice pointed end so I can draw a nice thin line. So the Avon 24k feels better to control but is sadly disappointing with the lack of 24K gold particles.

♥ Outdoors ♥

Has anyone else found a match? I personally can live with this and have been using the Avon 24K Gold Eyeliner lots lately. I want to quickly point out the tip of the Avon eyeliner, rather than a traditional sponge tip applicator this eye liner has a rubbery tip applicator which I prefer.

So all in all a god find not quite a match yet but a good soft eyeliner which does the job and the price is fab! I did get this on offer so I would say keep an eye out for more offers.

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  1. I was think of getting the Avon 24K gold liner in black golden. but after seeing your swatch and review I guess it would be the same with hardly any glitter particles. I am a sucker for glitter eyeliners!! Lord it Up looks so good. too bad it was limited edition :(

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