Friday 6 May 2011

IMAN Cosmetics

I have found the perfect contour shade and love it! IMAN Cosmetics are a very prestigious makeup brand. IMAN is a stunning women and probably most know as being the wife to David Bowie. IMAN Cosmetics was first launched in 1994 and as stated on their website...

The IMAN brand philosophy holds that women with skin of color represent many races, cultures and ethnicity's.

IMAN Cosmetics have a range of products suitable for a range of skin tones, they have a great feature on their website called Find your Shade this is a great tool to use and will advise you what product and shade is best suited to you. However very fair skin tones will probably find the foundations a little dark but you can still use the bronzers and lip products and other products.
I am light-medium skin tone and may find Sand a little on the warm side, probably fine for summer but not for winter.

I have been loving their stunning bronzer which I must admit was a surprise, when I first opened up the compact my initial thoughts were the shade was way to dark. HOWEVER that is not the case now! The compact is lovely, the bronzer almost looks like a cream which gives the feeling of a high end brand. I have the colour Clay which is stunning and contains very fine shimmer which looks stunning on the face. There are another 2 shades to pick from Sand which looks a soft golden shade and then Afterglow which looked my favourite. Best described as 'A sparkling trio of Rose, Gold and Terracotta'. Personally I think Afterglow would make a great versatile product in your makeup bag, you can use the 3 shades individually or swirl together to create a beautiful sun-kissed glow.

Here is a snap of my makeup using the Clay bronzer as my contour.

IMAN Luxury Lip Stains are very creamy and sheer, I know this may sound silly but some sheer lipsticks I have give a pretty good colour pay off and could in fact pass for your full coverage lipstick but believe me when I say these are sheer! Which is nice as you can wear these alone or wear them over a lipstick. I've tried these both alone and think Strip Tease is fine alone but very pretty over a pinky shade lipstick, where as Nearly Nude is a very sheer gold shade which is a disappointing as I thought it would be a nude shade not a yellowy gold shade. I've been using this over the top of my nude lipsticks to give them a very sun kissed look and the sheer adds a subtle glossy shimmer which is pretty.

IMAN Luxury Lip Shimmer is another stunning summery product, the shade I have is Impetuous which is a vibrant coral gold shade which is lush! I've worn this on it's own but also over the top of lipsticks for an extra kick of colour. They don't smell which is another bonus, I'm fed up of Lip glosses smelling and smelling bad for that matter!

Here is a snap of me wearing Clay as my contour and Lipstick Stain in the shade Nearly Nude.

The packaging is nice and sturdy the compact feels light weight and not heavy with the added bonus of a mirror! The lipstick Stains have clear plastic windows at the end of their caps which is a great idea and makes it easier for you to find your desired lipstick shade.


  1. Oh wow, the lipgloss is really pigmented Looks amazing!! I have always walked past iman cosmetics, because no one really has ever mentioned them Before, But will deffo be checking them out now!x

  2. I remember looking at this range of products when I was in New York last year. The lip glosses and lipsticks were divine and I have been kicking myself for not picking a few of them up. That Impetuous lip gloss looks fabulous. I will definitely be purchasing some of these when I go to New York later in the year. Jude xx @jadlgw


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