Monday 21 February 2011

Essential Care Skin & Body

Coconut has to be my all time favourite scent for body products and hair products. So when I had the chance to try some Essential care skincare & body products one of which their Creamy Coconut Cleanser I was very thrilled. The cleanser won an award last year in the Natural Health Beauty awards.

The cleanser wasn't what I was expecting, the scent of coconut is very subtle and after using most of the cleanser up, I can't really detect any coconut scent which was a shame for me being an avid coconut lover. The formulation was not what i was expecting, I thought it would be thick and creamy. This did however remove all my makeup and eye makeup which was what I was hoping for. My eyes felt fine after no soreness or stinging, which you sometimes feel after using some products.

This is aimed at Normal/Dry/Senstive skin and I would agree with that, dry & sensitive especially. Unlike so many cleansers where your skin is left dry or taut after, this does not and I think that's partly down to the natural ingredients Olive Oils and essential oils. If you suffer from very dry/sensitive skin then this would be great for you to try. I have the 30ml which is a great trial size and costs £6.00

Organic Calendula Balm is amazing! I have used this everyday on my cuticles, elbows feet, knees and even my little boy who suffers from dry skin. I'm not surprised that the balm has won an award for Best Multi-purpose-balms . Even the likes of Sarah Beany are fans of this magic in a jar, the balm contains coconut oil, Shea butter, Extra virgin Olive Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Calendula extract and Chamomile. This reminds me of what I would expect Liz Earles Superbalm to be like or 8-Hour cream. I have the small jar weighing 20g costing £5.50 this is perfect for carrying around in your bag. As you can see from the last photo I have been reaching for this lots!

Ylang Ylang & Orange Body Wash is very natural on the skin, I would suggest that even the most sensitive of skins would be able to use this without any problems. Again I was expecting an aroma of scents except the bodywash is very subtle and not overpowering. You can certainly detect the Orange extracts in the wash which I love!

I did find the shower gel to be alot more moisturising than your normal standard body wash. This is available in 200mls and costs £9.50 which I think represents the quality of the ingredients and how they are sourced and used. Packaging is now packaged in 100% recycled UK-made bottle (which use to be a milk bottle) now that's what I call recycling! You press the lid part down to release the nozzle for the wash to come out. At first I was only pressing this gently and so the whole nozzle wasn't coming up properly so after a few stronger attempts it soon popped up.

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  1. I have never tried anything by this brand!!

    The body wash sounds gorgeous!!
    I got a lipbalm the other week that was orange scented and now i am obbsessed with orange scented things xox


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