Wednesday 5 January 2011

MeMeMe Nail Collection

Just before christmas I was very kindly sent a little suprise in the post from a very lovely lady!
This is what I recieved...

I love it when time has been taken to wrap up a product and also a little note inside which was so kind and nice, this makes it extra special.

Meet Vivacious, a party girl in a bottle! The name is so different and nice from anything I have heard. It's better than the boring 'Bright Pink' which is normally on the bottle. This is fab

This shade is perfect for the fingernails and for your tootsies, a rich creamy vibrant pink. I have worn this a couple times now so that I can test the staying power. Whilst unfortunatley with all polishes they eventually start to wear and chip away. I must admit this polish has staying power which is something everyone wants when you purchase a polish. If you follow my blog then you'll know I'm a busy SAHM and so my fingers take some battering which probably suggests why I don't have long elegant nails.

£4.50 (12ml)

MeMeMe Nail collection has a heap of alluring shades for you to pick from, I recommend you pop on over and take a look at the Nail revolution. You can view all the shades from the Classic & Catwalk Collection.
The price is very affordable and with an offer like 3 for 2 then there's no complaining, Which 3 would you like to try?

I love the brush size, perfect for one brush application. The polish does not need a glossy topcoat thanks to it's 'High Gloss' finish which is a bonus. Quick drying is also a factor the majority of people consider when selecting a polish and this certainly delivers quick drying. I think because the brush is larger than most brushes it applies an even layer of polish in one application without having to reapply just to get one even coat.

*Without Flash*

*With Flash*

Have you tried any other products from MeMeMe? I would like to try their New Blush, the colours look amazing and get me excited for the spring! As well as their 'Beat the Blues' highlighters for the face these also would be fab. Have you tried any of these products?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I love that colour! I definitely need more pinks in my collection!

  2. Thanks Rebecca, the colour is a really nice vibrant pink but a little creamy also I think. I prefer the larger wider brushes now. x

  3. love the colour its really nice,

    I have only tried the 'Beat the Blues' highlighter (i did a review on my blog) . Like you i would like to try the blushers as well!! I have been meaning to pick them up for months but keep forgetting :)

  4. love the colour its gorgeous xx

  5. the colour of this polish is so yummy! I've actually been looking for a nice different shade pink to wear & this seems to fit the bill! The brush also looks great :) & its 3 for 2 you say? oky I go to have a nosy :)

    Aysh xoxo

  6. hmm I've never heard of this brand before. That's a really cute color though! Love it :]

  7. I've seen this brand before but never tried it but now they have changed the packaging it really caught my eye, I want to try the new concealer but they've sold out! Might try a few other bits now

  8. @Steph Thanks! Will pop over see your review! x

    @The Brunette Lovely for a pop of colour! x

    @Aysh Yes its on 3 for 2 grab them!! ha ha! x

    @sisi Sparkles It's a UK brand and the products are fab!x

    @Beautiful The packaging is so cute! x

  9. Ive tried one of their nail glosses. Liked it but the brush was terrible to work with

    Laura xoxo


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