Monday 13 December 2010

H&M home.

Some of you may already know but H&M recently designed a range of Home items which are great affordable prices. You can buy from them online but the Home Range is only avaliable in their London store I think. Check out the website for more info.

Anyway heres some goodies I got ages ago in the sale, I kept forgetting to post about them so here it is at last!

I bought these 2 velvet round cushions which were in the sale £7.99 BARGAIN!! So happy with these. They remind me of old vintage style cushions, they are super soft!

I then got a a sweet, and I literally mean sweet tea towel! Reduced to £1.99

Lastly I ordered 2 hand towels which are stripey and patterned, so different from any hand towels I have seen. I think that's what drew me to these, I like to find different looking items makes everything that more interesting don't you think?

The colour theme in my front room is chocolates and teals, here's a snap shot of the cushions in their new home!

Thanks for stopping by :)
Have you bought anything online from H&Ms home range?

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  1. I love the tea towel! I really want to try some of their bed sheets and pillow cases :) x


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