Wednesday 15 December 2010

Essential Care Organic Baby Products

Hello my lovelies, with the help of my baby girl we will be sharing with you our thoughts about an Organic Massage Oil, Organic soothing salve and Organic gentle wash & shampoo. All of the products are by a company called Essential Care, which is a family based company providing organic skincare.

Organic Soothing Salve

I was very interested to try this on Isobel as she does suffer from redness every now and then in the nappy area. This is a 20g pot ( £5.00 ) which is perfect size to carry around in your changing bag, however this is available in a larger size of 175g ( £17.00 ) which is ideal for keeping at home.

The formula is lovely and smooth, you need a small amount because once the salve comes in contact with your skin the heat of your finger tips melts the salve to a soft oily consistency. This is perfect to act as a barrier for nappy changing and thanks to the natural organic ingredients such as Shea butter for moisturising the skin and Chamomile for soothing the skin. You can also use this for cradle cap which I have also been doing and this really works Isobels scalp is much softer and the dry flakiness seems to be getting less and less. The cream is well worth trying out.

Organic Massage Oil

When I had my son I enrolled us on a 6-week massage course which was such great fun! Each week we had leaflets detailing the massage moves and benefits, I kept them all and dug them all out. When I was sent the massage oil it brought back memories of when I use to massage my son. He loved it as a baby and it often helped relax him. If you’re interested then you should check out your local childcare centre/Surestart centre for more information.

The oil smells lovely like you would expect an oil to smell. Massage is such a special bond you can develop with your baby. The oil contains Lavender and Chamomile to soothe and calm the baby. This oil is suitable for babies 3 months and older, if you wish to massage a younger baby then use the soothing salve. The oil comes in pump form 70ml £9.50.

Lavender is very calming and I tend to massage my little girl a little after her bath and then bedtime. Sometimes massaging can stimulate a baby so try out different times of the days and see what suits your baby best. I like the fact this oil is in a pump form. I use one pump at first and rub my hands together, the oil warms up lovely which is also a good sign. Isobels skin felt so soft after the massage and she seems so relaxed and happy afterwards.

Gentle Baby Wash & Shampoo

Baby washes is something every parent uses, and so again this was great to try and compare to other baby washes I have used in the past. What I like about this particular wash is it also doubles up as a hair wash. Again the smell is so relaxing and natural, the wash contains Aloe Vera for moisture and chamomile for soothing properties.

The wash comes in 200ml £9.50 and also a smaller size perfect for travel 75ml £5.00. I use one pump over the whole body and then one pump for the hair. The pumps are so easy to use, I find you don't waste any product when using these.
Isobel gives these products the thumbs up!

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  1. Sounds fantastic, although my youngest is 2 and a half i am always looking for good skin care products on him. Your little babba is just adorable xx

  2. Thanks :) xx
    I'm always interested in trying new good organic/natural products on my little girly. What products do you use on your son? x

  3. these look great!my sister is expecting so I might buy a few of these products for when the baby is born x

  4. All these product are nice for the babies and gives good result.....


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