Thursday 4 November 2010

Purely Mineral

Purely Mineral is a UK based cosmetics company who specialise in mineral cosmetics. This is what they have to say...

Using ingredients already existing in nature, the Purely Mineral range makes an excellent choice for all skin types even the most sensitive of skins. Naturally occurring minerals and pigments are finely ground and blended to create subtle mineral foundations, flattering blushers and amazing eye colours.

Synergy Blend is a mineral moisturising makeup base, this is suitable for all skin types and feels super light on the face.

10g £18.00

This is heavily swatched and when applied with a Kabuki you don't look like a ghost! The powder is translucent and has a very soft sheen. You wouldn't believe the ingredients which are in this base... Vitamin A & C, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera Juice, Lavender and Ylang Ylang oils. I'm not sure if the powder is meant to have a scent because of the natural ingredients but apart from me sniffing and then nearly sneezing half the product over my bedroom carpet. I didn't smell the type of scent I was expecting after reading the ingredients contained within in the mineral base. Does that make sense??

The foundations come in a variety of shades and tones which is always a good sign!
I was sent Neutral Medium which happens to be their most popular shade, and perfect for me. The foundation covers well and does the job.

10g £21

Next up is a mineral blush in the colour 'Candy' which a really nice true girly pink with a lovely sheen which gives the cheek bones a soft radiant look.

8g £12

Here are the swatches of them all together so you can see how the colours are against each other.

They also stock mascara and makeup brushes, I was kindly sent a mascara and Kabuki brush.

I will talk about the mascara first, which I must admit I was pleasantly suprised about the product. The packaging isn't anything special but as for what's in the packaging is a different matter. I like the brush, it has a strange twist in the middle where the brush tapers slightly into the centre. The brush really coats the lashes and seperates them. However after a few days of using the mascara I found it started to be a little dry and not coat the lashes as well. This only comes in Black.

2 Brush set £12

And lastly the Kabuki brush which sadly didn't live up to my expectations. The stock photo on the site looks great but sadly this was not the case for me, I also washed the brush to see if it would make any difference and it didn't. There wasn't much fall out, which was a good factor however the bristles/hair were not as soft as I'd have liked. There also isn't as much body to the brush unlike other Kabuki brushes. This brush was a lot softer and not as firm if that makes sense? Perfect for a dusting of powder but not for buffing into the skin.


Here is photo of me wearing all the products mentioned above, what do you think? I love the natural flawless look these products give.

The good news for you is that the lovely people over at Purely mineral have set up a unique code for all my lovely followers which intitles you to a 15% off your purchases. Just type the code NOV01 at the end of your order in the promotional field then click update and it will automatically reduce the price.
Please pop back and let me know if you buy anything, would love to know what you decide on!
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These products were sent to me by PR which in no way effects my opinion and is an honest review based on my personal experience. I was NOT paid for this review.


  1. Love the look on you hun, really flawless. I might try this soon, do you know if they sell samples of the foundation?

  2. Thanks for your comment hun, yes they do offer samples just contact them and im sure they would send you out a sample. :) x

  3. Hey Sherrie

    If you have a chance, please check out my 'Dare to Wear' challenge for AIDS Charity. For everyone who recreates a look posted on my blog, my parents and I will donate money to The Stephen Lewis Foundation.
    You can check it out here:


  4. You look lovely! So natural :)


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