Wednesday 18 August 2010

Bodyshop Shea Lip BUTTER;;;

If you havent already got this then seriously you NEED it!!! As you can see I need to get another back up :)

Its my fav product it does so many things for such a small pot and price!!! I originally bought this as a lip treatment which is what it is....BUT oh no its much much more than a Lip Butter. This little beautie transforms any lipstick into a luscious gloss!!

Have you ever loved a lip colour soooo much you wish it came in a lipgloss?? Well.......all you need is to apply a coat of this over your lippie and it then turns into a lipstick gloss!! Check out the pics below to see for yourselves.

Lipstick swatched Virgin Vie Blush Sensation.
I used this combo on my wedding day and it was beautiful!!

And if that wasnt enough to convince you then another tip. Have you got lippies which are dark?? well apply this over the top to lighten and brighten them up!! Because of the creamy colour formula this lightens it up perfectly to another shade!!

Lipstick swatched Benefit La La Land which on its own is a little dark for me but I won it for free from Cadburys Flake offer. But now I wear it with the lip butter over the top to lighten it up :)

All this for £4!! YES you read right £4!! And if thats not enough the pot is 10ml!! Get down to your local Bodyshop ladies and snap this little beautie up you wont be dissapointed.

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