Monday 29 April 2013

Organic Surge / Comforting Lavender Meadow Handcare Duo


There's something special about using a more expensive hand wash, one which usually isn't on the end of every isle sporting the £1 price tag. Whilst I still personally purchase them I also like to treat myself every now and then to a special hand wash. It's a nice feeling knowing you're giving your hands a little treat once in a while. Especially seeings I'm a working stay at home mum, my hands get their fair share of dishes and other household chores so knowing I'm using a good products which contains good ingredients is satisfying.

Organic Surge use organic essential oils, there products are from from chemicals which are found in your cheap bog standard hand washes and lotions. I've been trailing the Lavender Meadow Hand wash* (£4.09/250ml) and the matching fragrance Hand & Nail Cream* (£4.09/75ml). The hand wash smells divine, I personally like the smell of lavender and especially geranium. These are pure essential oils so the price totally justifies this in my opinion. The hand wash still lathers up nicely and does not strip the skin, it feels gentle and soothing. 

The Lavender meadow Hand and Nail Cream carries the same lavender and geranium scent, this to contains pure essential oils. The hand cream sinks into the skin fast, ideal to carry in your handbag. It's not overly thick but just right, the natural ingredients provide instant hydration and comfort. A great organic product with a fantastic price tag, if you enjoy using organic products but don't want to spend lots this would be perfect and you should have a look at the other Organic Surge ranges.

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  1. Love the sound of the Organic Surge.. also loving the scent of Lavender! Great review!
    xxx Marina

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