Saturday 23 March 2013

Summer Series / Cream Blushers #2


Despite this awful weather I've still made the switch over from powder to cream blush, I still use powder through the spring/summer but tend to opt for a cream version. I pick and chose from this selection, I have a couple more but these are my top picks.  Looking at the photo above you can see I have 3 different colour types. Pink/purple (1. Revolution Blushed and 2. Illamasqua Laid) then peach/coral shades (3. Liz Earle Nectar, 4. Topshop Neon Rose and 5. Gosh Peachy Rush) and then finally natural/nude shades ( 6. Stila Peony and 7. Topshop Nutmeg)

For days when I want a minimal makeup look I normally opt for Topshop Nutmeg or Stila Peony. The formulation of them both are opposites, the Topshop cream blushes are cream to powder whereas I find the Stila one is a little more on the creamier side but still easy to apply and blend. I really want to try more of the Stila Convertible shades. They also work great on the lips! Looking at the swatches I think Peony would make a great contour shade for my skin tone, I will investigate this further and get back to you on that revelation!

When I want a pop of colour this is when I struggle deicing between pink or coral, this usually all depends on the eyes or lips. Illamasqua Laid is stunning bright rosey pink shade which gives a healthy dewy finish. I only have one stick cream blush from the brand Revolution, it also doubles up as a lip product, very similar to the Stila Convertibles. These multi-task products are great to take on holiday or keep in your travel makeup bag. The most smallest compact blush out of the bunch is the Liz Earle healthy glow blush, perfect for keeping in your handbag or travel makeup bag. Very pigmented and easy to blend, I'm keen to try more shades. They have matching powder versions which is a great idea.
Cream or powder? Have you made the switch over???


  1. I love all these colours! I only ever used to wear cream blushes due to dry skin but now I only have one I think. Stila convertibles are def on my list to try x

  2. These all look lovely. I actually really like the look of Top shop nutmeg which I haven't given a second glance in store before now. Will definitely have to swatch next time - thanks for enlightening me! x Becky

  3. I love these colours! x


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