Sunday 31 March 2013

Spring Treats/ Of the edible kind...

Believe it or not but were actually in Spring. Anyhoo I've not let it stop me from bringing out the pastels. I love to use pastels through the Spring. The same goes for clothing, I normally chose brighter and lighter clothes. As for makeup I like a fresh dewy base with soft pastel/nude shades on the eyes. Recently I've been known to opt for a pop of colour on the lips! I've even made the switch to pastels on my nails, my new favourite colour is coral. A nice shade to brighten up this dull cold weather.

I currently have Lavender Lies on my nails from the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish collection, first impressions good so far. Will just have to see how well it lasts, the shade is gorgeous. A rich creamy lavender shade.


This is a different kind of post today, something different from anything I've tried before. Which is actually nice and refreshing. My favourite snacks at the moment are these Rice & Corn Cakes from Kallo. Especially the Blueberry & Vanilla flavour. You can look stylish and eat stylish, they're the perfect springtime treat what with the pastel hues. I love these not only because I've watch my calorie intake but also because they're suitable for vegetarians. I recently made the change about 6wks ago and haven't struggled one bit. I love to eat fruit & vegetables so the change has been an easy one. These snacks are great picnics and for the kids, or a perfect afternoon pick me up at your desk. If you want to add more indulgence to them, chocolate spread and a pile of strawberries on top tastes divine. You just need to grab a pile of your favourite magazines and your newly painted pastel nails and your good to eat. 
Available to buy from T stores nationwide for £1.79.

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  1. Such a pretty nail colour :)

  2. Love the nail polish! Can't wait for the spring/summer weather to arrive, I'm getting really bored of wearing a coat every day.


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