Monday 11 March 2013

Facial Oils / Which One?

 Caudalie Divine Oil / Clarins Santal Face Treatment / Super Facialist Rose Miracle Makeover Oil/ Clarins Lotus Face Treatment / Bodhi Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil / Liz Earle Concentrate

I'm a big fan of facial oils, there's so many on the market it's difficult finding one that's right for you. I hope in this post I can summarise a few of my favourites and answer some questions you may have. Don't be put off using a facial oil if you have combination/oily skin, believe it or not oily skin still needs to be moisturised. The best facial oil I've found which works with combination/oily skin is the Clarins Lotus Treatment Oil. This is aimed towards more oilier skins. It helps balance, tighten pores and refine the skin, adding moisture where needed and not overwhelming the oilier parts such as the t-zone area. However if like me you do have an oily t-zone you could always avoid this area when applying facial oils. I like to use a separate oil for my cheeks, they tend to be on the drier side. After searching I've found the majority of facial oils are aimed towards dry/dehydrated skin types. Oily skin can still become dehydrated so there's no need to dismiss these right away. Clarins also caters for dehydrated/dry skin the Santal Treatment Oil helps soothe the skin and calm any redness whilst boosting moisture back into the skin. (30ml / £30)

I've tried and tested the Bodhi Desert Rejuvenating Face Oil and love it! Not just because of the rose aroma, the oil feels great on the skin. Aimed towards normal/dry, dehydrated, sensitive, mature and stressed skin. So you could say that covers a lot of skin types and needs! The oil soaks into the skin so effortlessly, I even used this in the mornings through the winter. I found t helped give my skin a natural glow as well as hydrating it for the day ahead. It's also a great makeup base, I found my foundation lasted longer and it didn't cling to any dry patches.My skin looked and felt great when I used this. My little sample served me well! (30ml /£56)

The next facial oil up for question is the Super Facialist Rose Facial Oil, this is also aimed towards dry/dehydrated skin types. Rose scented like the Bodhi Facial Oil. I do favour the Bodhi scent wise, I found them both lovely but the Bodhi one just tops it for me. But if you're on a budget then the Super Facialist would still be a great facial oil to add to your routine. The special thing about this particular facial oil is the application. You can use this as a pre-cleanse treatment, apply a generous amount onto the skin and gently massage all over. I'm not sure about the eye area so be cautious! Then remove with a damp facial cloth. I use the facial oil as a leave-on treatment. (30ml /£14./99)

Another oil which I wanted to mention in this post is the Caudalie Divine Oil. A great multi-use oil for the whole body. I wouldn't be without this oil, I like to use it on the body and hair rather than my face purely because the facial oils I've mentioned above are all fabulous and think the Divine Oil is great for the body. If you were to travel though this would be the oil to pack!

Do you use facial oils?


  1. I love oils too. i am loving the bodhi one at the moment. I really want to get a clarins one next. x

  2. I really want to try the Caudalie divine oil, it's at the top of my list :)


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