Sunday 6 January 2013

Elemis / The Royal Candle

Elemis Royal Candle* / £25

I'm a huge candle lover as you all may know, I enjoy burning candles all year round especially through the winter months. I find there's nothing more soothing and relaxing than lighting a candle or two!   I was very kindly sent The Royal Candle by Elemis, the scent is a soothing aromatic scent, it's very subtle and not strong. The scent of vanilla is evident as are the soft aromas of Lily and Jasmine. 

The candle is housed in a a beautiful patterned glass votive with a silver crest on the front, silver patterned swans and crowns and scrolls make up the intricate pattern. The name of the candle and the pattern certainly has a regal charm about it. 
This would make a great treat for any Elemis fan as well as candle lovers like myself. I'm already contemplating what to use the pretty votive for afterwards.

You can purchase The Royal Candle online from

Do you enjoy burning candles?

Sherrie xo


  1. Who doesn't love burning candles?!! Ha ha :-) Even my husband loves them! That Elemis Royal Candle is in such a beautiful jar. I've recently begun cleaning the jars out after use and they come in so handy. This one would be great to have...

  2. I love elemis and I love candles, this sounds like something I need to try. x


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