Saturday 17 November 2012

NEW Colgate ProClinical A1500


I have an exciting post for you today, I had an amazing opportunity to test out the NEW electric toothbrush from Colgate. The Colgate ProClinical A1500 is the UK's first electric toothbrush that automatically adjusts whilst cleaning your teeth and gums. Sounds strange? I shall explain a little more, thanks to the unique smart sensors, the brush automatically adjusts the speed. Therefore changing the cleaning action, this is based on how you hold the brush in your mouth. As you can imagine this knocks the manual toothbrush off it's perch! 

The 3 different speeds change depending on the position of the brush as mentioned before, MID speed massages the gums and sides of teeth. SLOWER speed is for side to side surface strokes and then the real boost is the FAST speed which really wakes you up! The fast speed is perfect for your molars. After the first use my teeth just felt cleaner and could say they were squeaky clean- literally. Along with an auto and manual mode selection, and a clear LED display, the toothbrush features a two-minute timer to ensure that you clean your teeth for the length of time recommended by dental professionals. As well as a 30-second pacer to indicate when to move to another area of your mouth.

The Colgate ProClinical range has been developed in partnership with Omron healthcare, worldwide leaders in the manufacture of medical and home healthcare products with innovative sensing and control technology. For many Decades Omron's devices have helped people to prevent, treat, and manage lifestyle diseases both at home and in clinical practice in more than 100 countries around the world.

The electric toothbrush handle is easy to hold and control, thanks to it's light-weight ergonomic non-slip handle. An interesting fact just for you- Sonic Vibrations clean with up to 32,500 strokes/min to remove plaque. I take their word for it, I'm not a quick counter ha ha! The actual brush head is a triple clean with multi-height bristles to clean in all directions. The electric toothbrush comes with it's all slimline travel case which fits the brush head and electric toothbrush neatly. The price may be a little extravagant retailing at £169.99, however Boots currently have an amazing 50% off! So you can snap the latest electric toothbrush technology for £84.99. 

So, if you are in need of a new electric toothbrush maybe this could be the one?


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