Monday 15 October 2012

Dr.Jart+ / Regenerating Beauty Balm


I have another BB cream review for you today and one which I think is right up their with my favourites. I'm sure you've heard of the amazing Dr.Jart+ BB creams. These were launched spring/summer time, a Korean skincare sensation which has been sweeping the UK by storm and knocking all BB Creams off the shelf! 

I've been using and testing the Regenerating BB Cream, Dr.Jart+ does have a range of four BB Creams depending on your skin concerns. The regenerating BB Cream is aimed towards people who suffer from redness, irritation and also dryness. Whilst my skin isn't majorly dry I would say I've notice it drying slightly since the change of seasons. So if you're looking for a hydrating BB Cream this would be perfect, the shade looks a little light on the initial application. However, once I've applied this and then carried on with my bronzer and blusher it looks fine. That's the great thing about BB creams they do adapt to your skin tone. The texture is on the thick side so I would say be a little cautious and apply a small amount first and then you can always add more. The coverage is great and the areas which I've been suffering from a little redness certainly did look less noticeable and actually calmed my skin down. That's what I love about the Regenerating BB cream, knowing my skin is well protected, covered and also being looked after. My skin feels fully hydrated and looks healthy and dewy.

I did laugh when I read that the key ingredient in the Regenerating BB Cream is in fact snail secretion...yep you read that right! Who'd have thought it hey? This special ingredient helps stimulate the formulation of collagen and elastin whilst also preventing the onset of premature-ageing caused by environmental factors. You can purchase the Dr.Jart+ BB creams from Boots, plus they have the 3 for 2 offer on which is an amazing deal! So if you're thinking about trying these, now is the time!

You can keep up to date with Dr.Jart+ on twitter @drjartskin

I would love to try the other Dr.Jart+ BB creams, have you tried them?

Sherrie xo

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  1. I've always been interested in trying "snail cream"! Skin79, my favorite BB cream brand, actually makes a Snail Nutrition BB Cream.


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