Tuesday 23 October 2012

bdellium Tools | Green Bambu 957 & 959 review

bdellium 957* £12.99 / bdellium 959* £12.99

bdellium Tools is becoming a popular brand amongst beauty bloggers, the brand has a huge collection of brushes depending on your needs. I have only tried their Green Bambu range which is  vegan friendly and eco-friendly. The handles are made from sustainable bamboo making them kind on the environment. So if these two factors are really important to you I would say this would be the ideal range for you to have in your makeup brush collection. I am happy to say I'm impressed. The quality is great, they wash lovely and dry moderately quick. They haven't shed any hairs as of yet and keep their shape well. 

The 957 Precision Flat Top Kabuki brush feels amazingly soft yet dense, I've used this brush for both powder and liquid products. I tend to use this for foundation application and buffing. I can acheive a flawless finish using this brush. This is also great for applying BB Creams.

The 959 Powder Blending brush also feels amazingly soft, the tapered shape which is great for pin pointing blusher on the apples of your cheeks and then blending in creating a blushed seamless finish. I have used this for both powder and cream products. I find this is great for acheiveing a lightweight flush of colour on the cheeks. I have been using this with my strong pigmented blushes which only need a gentle tap of product on the brush. I LOVE this for blush!

I'm keen to try the bdellium Maestro range next, I particurlay like the look of 958, 965 and then 985 brushes, I don't have many duo-fibre brushes and I love the look of their tapered heads! Has anyone tried them?

You can purchase the brushes mentioned above as well as other bdellium tools from- www.beautychamber.co.uk

Have you tried bdellium Tools?

Sherrie xo


  1. Hi Sherrie

    I have never heard of this brand before so thanks for bringing it to my attention. I love the colour of the brushes and do look super soft and lovely. I will be investing in a couple of these in the next few months, I have a lot of brushes but soon I want to try one of these!

    Thanks very much


    Grace x

    1. Hi Grace, thank you for your comment and I'm glad you enjoyed the post! x

  2. I have seen these brushes a few times and they look great! I especially like the look of the kabuki.


    1. Yes they are fab! Really recommend you try them :)

  3. I've also heard about these brushes cause they've received great compliments although it didn't work as well for me! But I'm going to give it another try :) glad you love them though!


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