Tuesday 21 August 2012

Miner's Cosmetics | Tin O' Tint Lip Balm

I'm a big lip balm fan, I use lip balm every day. I have always suffered from dry cracked lips so need to use a balm all year round. I have lip balms in my car, in my hand bag, in my coat pockets and by my bedside. I enjoy wearing a colour on my lips so finding a lip balm which hydrates the lips and leaves a wash of colour is my ideal product! The newest lip balms which I've been testing out are by the brand Miner's Cosmetics. The Tin o' Tint lip balms* not only look good but they smell good! They tint the lips whilst caring for them, they gave a lovely noticeable tint and feel very hydrating on the lips. I think these look fun and would make a great gift for a friend. They're super cheap as well only costing £2.99 each. I have been using the new 3 shades but they do have their original shades, Cherry, Watermelon and Vanilla. I bet the Cherry and Watermelon flavours are good enough to eat!

A baby pink tint, smells very refreshing

A nude natural tint, smells like yummy caramel

A peach/coral tint, smells very fruity

 You can purchase the new Tin o' Tints online from www.minerscosmetics.co.uk  

These shades are so wearable and also look great over the top of lipsticks, if you find your lipstick dries quickly these would be great to apply over the top for added moisture. Plus they give you a nice sheen to the lips, the Tin o' Tints certainly get the thumbs up from me! 

Have you tried any of the Miners Tin o' Tints? What's your favourite flavour?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I can never find Miners products anywhere ): I love pink grapefruit scents though :)

    sophierosehearts x

  2. Where do you find Miners products I always look for them but can never find them, i really want to try the mango one x

  3. These look so cute and much more expensive than 2.99! xx

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  4. They look awesome, must buy ! Love your blog btw
    Pastelbowtie.blogspot.com x


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