Tuesday 14 August 2012

Clarins | Santal Face Treatment

Facial Oils are fast becoming a regular product featured in our skin routine, I think people are now jumping on the facial oil band waggon. Despite having a Combination/Oily skin type with a menacing oily T-Zone I've embraced the Clarins Santal Face Treatment*. My skin use to be terribly dry and dehydrated, so using a facial oil helps replace the oils I've lost and to hopefully stop my skin from over producing more oil to compensate for the oils I've lost. Does that make sense? lol I hope so!

I only use the Santal Face Treatment in the evening, as recommended by Clarins. I place a few drops onto areas of my face after cleansing and toning. You can dab off any excess oil if you wish, I have done this especially if I've been a little slap happy with the pipette. However I've now fine tuned it down to exactly 5 drops for my entire face. The Santal Face treatment is aimed at Dry Skin, however my combination skin really agrees to this. I think it's down to the essential oils which help to soothe, tone and decongest my skin with thanks to Cardamom, Sandalwood and Lavender essential oils. Santal helps to prevent moisture loss and the formation of fine lines which is exactly what I am focusing on right now in my skin care routine! I would like to try the other facial oils- Blue Orchid and Lotus. I know these would both be great on my skin.

You can purchase Clarins Face treatments online and also from your local counter. They currently have a great online exclusive which is worth a look at!

Do you use a facial oil?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. Looks great!


  2. I have this oil too.. And I like it.. Not my Holy Grail or anything.. It feels nice on my skin and it does keep me hydrated..


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