Thursday 12 July 2012

Jason Natural Care

I first heard about Jason Natural Care after reading Essie-Button's blog, I loved the look of the products and more importantly the ingredients. So when I was asked if I would like to try the brand of course I say yes! I was very kindly sent their enormous Pure Natural Body Wash in 'Relaxing Chamomile' and two facial products. I was really interested to try their Apricot Scrubble, I love the name. I've not tried the St.Ives exfoliator but have seen it and would say this is very similar. The final product is from their C-Effects range which is anti-aging

The Relaxing Chamomile Body Wash is whooping 900ml, seriously this is going to last me a loooonnng time. I was very glad to see a nice sturdy pump. It smells so good and for £9.49 this is well worth it. They currently have their body washes on offer, buy 2 for £15. Just in case you can't work out the math, the body washes work out at £7.50 each! That's amazing value and not to be missed, they have another ten other options to pick from and if you like fragrance free products they haven't forgotten you either. I think I would like to try the Moisturising Herbs and Revitalising Citrus body washes. These beauties don't contain nasty parabens either and with the help of Avocado Oil your skin has a real treat. These are great for all the family to use.

Next up is the Apricot Scrubble, on the tube it does read Facial Wash and Scrub. Now as you can probably tell looking at the scrub this isn't exactly what you would call a facial wash. It does say you can use this everyday but for my skin that would be a no go. It's way too harsh in my opinion to be a facial wash. However a facial scrub...yes.
The smell is very pleasant, think Apricots and baking!  If you love gritty scrubs, this is definitely one to look out for. I tend to use this once/twice a week as a deep cleanse, a little goes a long way. My skin does look brighter after I've used this and it helps remove dried up blemishes, gross I know but it's true! I have started to notice my foundation looking better and applying better after using this. So I would say this is great for combination-oily skin types. If you're skin is dry I think this would still be great to use, it's very moisturising and creamy when mixed with water on the skin. I think the price is great, £5.29 is very purse friendly don't you think?

The last product which I've tried is from their C-Effects range and it's the Pure Natural Lotion. If you've been keeping up to date with my blog you'll know my skin has turned oily recently so I've had to lay off my usual thick heavy moisturisers. Since my skin has changed the big thing I noticed first besides the oiliness was the dullness. By skin seemed to lack that healthy glow which I'd always longed for. After reading about the benefits of the C-Effects Lotion and the ingredients I thought this would be a good product to try. Plus once I saw it mentioned anti-aging I felt relieved, whilst I don't have many wrinkles I do have visible forehead lines which I HATE. I hate these so much that I've considered having a fringe cut joke! The unique C-Effects helps to hydrate whilst tending to fine lines and working as an antioxidant. The size is huge, 120ml and they currently have 25% off the range making the lotion £15.99!


To view these products and others you can visit their website for more information.

 Have you tried Jason Natural Care?

 Sherrie xoxo


  1. I just received some products from Jason too! I agree - The Apricot scrub is lovely as an exfliator, but I couldn't use it everyday as a face wash, even on my clogged, oily skin! I loved reading this! :) Makes me even more excited to delve into my products xo

  2. These look amazing. I seriously want to try all of these. Sound so good. xx


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