Friday 8 June 2012

Orla Kiely- Bluebell and Rosemary Scented Candle

Despite having beautiful sunshine I still enjoy to burn candles all year round. Especially in the evening once I sit down and relax, either with the hubby watching a movie or curling up on the sofa reading my book.
Orla Kiely Is renowned for her retro patterns and use of colours. Orla Kiely has launched three charming scents available in a candle or a diffuser.The Candles and diffusers have the stunning unique design which Orla Kiely is famous for, incorporating her love of nature and bright approach to print.

I've been burning the Bluebell and Primrose Candle*, I adore the retro pattern printed on the glass. Everything about the packaging the candle and the candle really catch your eye.

I found with the packaging no expense was spared, the box is beautifully printed with her signature retro design. Then once you delve inside you are instantly welcomed with a rush of scents, woodiness from the birch leaf, then the sweet floral scent of bluebell finishing with a fresh pick-me up thanks to the rosemary. Inside there's a heat protective mat which matches the same retro print featured on the glass candle. I thought the mat was a really nice touch and really added to the whole 'luxurious' feeling.

Orla Kiely candles are made from 100% vegetable wax, the glass holder is so beautiful that once you've finished burning your candle this would make a beautiful votive holder. If cared for properly you should get around 50hrs burn time, which fab because the longer the better.


The scented candles do cost £24 which some of you may think is a little pricey but these candles are so fragrant they will keep there scent for ages, whilst other cheaper candle's smell nice initially then after a couple burns they soon loose their scent. In my experience it pays to spend a little extra more.
If the sound of Bluebell and Rosemary doesn't appeal to you (which I'm sure it does) there's another
three scents to pick from -

Primrose and Bergamot / Geranium and Myrrh and Bluebell and Rosemary.

You can purchase the Orla Kiely Home Scented range online from

What do you think of the retro print?

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  1. Love the design & the fragrance sounds gorgeous. All 3 of them do actually!

    Nic x

  2. @Nic- they do don't they? The glass holder is just divine! x


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