Monday 18 June 2012

Origins- Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask


I'm sure you've seen and heard about the amazing Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask*. If you haven't where have you been? I've been suffering from dehydrated skin. It's easy to misread your skin, which I did. My skin type has always been Dry, sometimes depending on the time of the month it could sway between combination-dry but overall I would say its dry. However a little while ago you may remember me tweeting/ blogging about how my skin going AWOL. It must have been a mix of new products because I can't think what else. I found that my foundation was literally melting off my face, my forehead looked so shiny and greasy that by mid afternoon I found myself blotting. Sometimes I would blot twice a day which is so not like my skin. I knew something wasn't right. I can't think what has caused my problem skin, but I started using my trusted Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish which I adore and trust very much. I did notice after a week a slight improvement but then it just settled down to the same problem as before. Greasy/shiny skin, makeup melting off face. So after a little research I came to the conclusion my skin was badly dehydrated. I also think that the LE C&P was too heavy for my skin, so for the time being I've stopped using it and replaced it with something different which is another post. I then reached for Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask which has been raved about by many beauty bloggers. I went to bed and slathered this all over (except eye area) and then went to sleep.

This smells amazing, a fruity cocktail of goodness. In the morning my skin had totally drank up the yummy concoction and left me with soft smoother fresher skin. It did leave a tacky layer on my skin so I soaked two cotton pads in Bioderma and removed the tacky layer and cleansed my skin as normal.
My main problem area was my forehead where I had small blemishes under the skin looking bumpy and then shiny/greasy. I've used this a handful of times now and have noticed such a difference.
I will update my skincare routine shortly once I feel comfortable with everything. Overall I have been so impressed with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask and can't recommend this enough if you suffer from dry/dehydrated skin, this is now my S.O.S face mask. have an amazing offer at the moment, you receive two generous sized samples when you spend £40. You automatically receieve a sample of Make A Difference Rejuvenating hand cream and then you can pick one other sample from- Drink Up! Intensive Overnight Mask or Brighter By Nature High Potency Brightening Peel 20 pads.

Have you tried the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I have the same problems as you with my skin! I've been eyeing this up for some time as well so I shall definitely be picking this up x

  2. I haven't tried this but I'm really tempted. I have very oily skin but didn't realise it could actually be de-hydrated so.... thanks for the tips!
    Rachel from x

  3. I am so intrigued by this mask that I may have to try it given that it has received such good reviews. I have oily - combo skin so whilst my T zone is oily I do get dry patches around the creases of my nose and on my cheeks. I have been using the REN mask but I might treat myself to this once that has run out!


    beckys makeup

  4. I have been eyeing up this mask for a while, sounds so good! My skin is generally oily/combination, but I do feel it's dehydrated too. Great review :) x

  5. I am desperate to try this - my skin needs something, it is so dry ..

  6. Sounds like a problem I was having not so long ago! Perhaps it's this strange June weather we've been having. Anyways, great review and I shall be giving this a go some time soon :-) x

  7. Thanks for your comments ladies, I really recommend you try it. Maybe treat yourselves or pop to your local counter and see if they have a little sample for you to try. I honestly noticed a difference after the first time I used it. I know everyone's skin is different and reacts differently.
    Let me know what you all think if you treat yourselves. xx


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