Saturday 16 June 2012

Monthly Empties

Monthly empties has become a favourite post/video of mine and I love seeing what poeple have ued up and whether they would re-purchase. So I'm going to jump on the 'Empties' band wagon and join in the fun. Sorry for the quality of the photo, I couldn't get the camera to focus properly so hopefully you can still make out the empties.

Soap & Glory- i Foam Body Wash
You can just see this peeping behind the giant bottle of Philosophy bottle, this is a great fruity body wash which lathers up well and smells great for the morning. It has tiny little micro beads which gently polish the skin. Would I repurchase? YES I already did, this was my 2nd bottle! I won't buy any for a while yet because I have lots of body washes I want to try and use up. * Just found out that they've discontinued this which is such a shame because it was fab! Hate it when companies do this Grr!!!*

Philosophy Shower gel & Body Wash - Mimosa*
This took me what seemed like a life time to use up, which in some cases is good because least you know it will last you but sometimes if you're like me you have a few body washes on the go at the same time and you feel like you're never going to get through them. This the first Philosophy Shower/Bath gel I've tried and I must admit it was a good quality product. The scent was a little off putting some days but overall I enjoyed using it. Would I repurchase? NO there's other brands which are just as good and cheaper. 

Imperial Leather Skin Kind Hydrate*
I loved this from the moment I first took a 'whiff' this probably has to be one of those products which really makes a good impression on you and doesn't last long. The scent is lovely and reminds me of a musky perfume, I love the fact it's inexpensive and easily available from most supermarkets. Even my husband used this as well because the musky scent is a unisex fragrance I think. Would I repurchase? YES 100%

Lush American Cream*
OMG! I'm going to keep this short- AMAZING! Would I repurchase? HELL YES!

VOYA Totally Balmy Cleansing Balm*
This really wowed me to begin with and then once I was 3/4 of the way through it I really took a dislike to it and really struggled to continue using it, I used it up in the end and haven't missed it. I don't think it's worth the money and personally think Lush Ultrabland is totally copy for it. It feels the same on the skin and has that natural waxy smell to it. Would I repurchase? NO

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream*
This little sample sachet came in this months SheSaidbeauty Box, I wont go into detail here because I have reviewed this recently so if you want to know my thoughts on it then check that post out here. Other than that I really rate this BB Cream and would I repurchase? YES

Have you tried any of these products? Will you be trying any?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I've been thinking about picking up American Cream as I adore Lush, I take it from this you would recommend?! :) x

  2. I've got iFoam in a gift set from my birthday. Am now looking forward to trying it after your review :) x


  3. I received iFoam in a gift set for my birthday, am now looking forward to testing it out after your review :)
    Lois x

  4. @Jayne- ha ha Yes!! It smells so good, the scent lingers on your hair all day. It's not a thick heavy Conditioner but I don't mind that. Hope that helps x

  5. @L.C you'll love it, I'm gutted they've stopped it :( enjoy it while it lasts x


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