Wednesday 20 June 2012

Let's Go Lashes- Striplash Review

A little while ago I mentioned the Let's Go striplashes which were in the June shesaidbeauty box. I had already tried these lashes beforehand and was won over. I'll be the first to admit that I've tried numerous times to master the art of applying false eye lashes, and whilst I can now finally after all these years apply them. I still by no search of the imagination class myself as 'Good'. I still struggle with one eye, the first strip I put on is normally perfect then for some reason I struggle with the second and can never get it to sit as good. However apart from that 'Yes' I can hold my hand up and say 'I can put on lashes' Hallelujah.

 I've tried various brands over the years but I truly believe if it wasn't for these lashes I would still be flustering and sticking my fingertips to my lashes. I tried the No1s which are most natural. Plus they have a fine strip which is flexible and easy to position and control.

2 BIG things which are a MUST- Time & Patience!
The most crucial thing when applying lashes is the glue, you need to wait 30-secs depending on the eye lash glue. If you apply the glue and then try to apply them they will be difficult and may slide on the lid. The glue needs to set a little making it tacky to touch. This way when you place the lash in the centre you will have more control to position and stick down the lashes. I like to use my tweezers and my swivel mirror which has a magnified lens.

 Apologies for the blurry photo, my camera wasn't behaving!

Another bonus about these lashes is the length of the strip, they fit perfectly to my eyes. However you may need to trim them, I would recommend you trim them from the outer edge first. Apply the glue, wait then using the tweezers pick them up from the centre lashes and whilst looking down into the mirror place them on top of your lashes where you would apply a top liner. I normally make sure the centre is in position stick that down and then using my tweezers pull the front part down and into place following with the outer end section. I like to use the end of my tweezers ( not the part you pluck with!) other end to gently pat the strip down. You could use your finger tips.

There's other styles you can pick from which are very pretty. I have tried the Tease style No1s and No3s. These are made from 100% human hair, if looked after these can be used again and again. When I remove mine I gently peel them off and then remove any excess glue from the strip and store them away in their box.

You can purchase Lets Go lashes online, they retail at £8.95 which I think is good value for the quality of these lashes, they're not as expensive as Mac lashes but they're a little more than high street versions.

Have you tried Let's Go Lashes? If I can do can you!

Sherrie xoxo


  1. They look gorgeous on you! I've got really small eyes so i struggle finding lashes that don't look ridiculous x

  2. I received a pair of these in a goodie bag and I love them! They're such good quality and they look really natural. I love the pair you are wearing in the pictures :)

    Frances xx

  3. Great to read a positive review of these. I received some in my June box too and I look forward to trying them out! xo

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies, yes these lashes are very good.
    After using these I feel confident to try other lashes. I think I like the fact they fit my eyes perfectly, no need for trimming.
    I hope you enjoy them :) x


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