Friday 18 May 2012

Skincare update* Back2Basics!

You may have read my tweets the other day complaining about the current state my skin is in! I've been using a few different products on my skin lately and don't really have a strict routine. That's the problem with being a 'Beauty Blogger' not bloggers are the same of course and I may well be the only one but I'm always striving for perfection and if a product has high claims I'm won over. Well my skin is not a fan of this, I do think that it's also my hormones to blame slightly because I've been experiencing blemishes just under my ears along my jawline! What's that all about?
Anyway enough of my blabbering on, I've decided to go Back2Basics, so what other better skincare than Liz Earle. I've used Liz Earle on and off for many years now and it's the one skincare brand you can always rely on. I've been using their 3 step system with Cetaphil Cleanser & Lotion. As for eye creams I'm still using my trusty Origins Ginzing day time and then my L'Occitane Precious eye balm for night time. Then for the blemishes I've been dabbing a small amount of the Origins Spot Remover over the top of them.

Cetaphil Cleanser & Clarisonic Mia
Liz Earle Skin Tonic
Cetaphil Lotion
Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
Optional Origins Spot Remover.

Liz Earle C&P
Liz Earle Skin Tonic
Liz Earle Skin Repair
L'Occitane Precious Eye Balm
Optional Origins Spot Remover


I reached for my Clarisonic this week and I'm so glad I have this, I bought this with my Xmas money last year from BuyaPowa and got it for £90 which is an amazing discount off £120! I really recommend you sign up to their newsletters so you keep up to date with their latest co-buys. They have heaps of brands and different offers on. Plus they're really friendly and helpful.

What skincare are you reaching for lately?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I need a Clarisonic!! They look such amazing bits of kit! I'm the same - back to basics is always so much better for my skin! I've been keeping my routine simple for the last month or so and the difference is definitely visible!

  2. Hi, Great post and blog. Im like you and have been having problems with skin lately. Heard some good things about the Cetaphil Lotion. Would you recommend it? xx

    Please check out my blog and follow :) xx

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies :)

    @Natalie- the Clarisonic has made such a difference to my skin. You notice a difference within a week for sure, I know I did. x

    @Robyn- Yes it's VERY good moisturiser which really hydrates your skin and is very gentle. I also recommend Liz Earles Skin Repair though. x


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