Sunday 20 May 2012

My week in photos Instagram style #2

I love these posts so much, here's week 2. I think its a given, I'm addicted to Instagram! It was always in the stars.

 My new Bargain mug £1 / Caramel Shortcake / Hubby surprising me with 2 bottles!

New Shoes / NARS new Tinted Moisturiser / Rainbow Nails

New Candles / Cat nap / Having a go at threading my brows!

 Washing ALL my Makeup Brushes / Lip Balm Love / Strawberry Milkshake and Pink Swirly straw

 Makeup bag post coming up / Packing for holiday / Goodies in the post

 I finally caved and bought the big 500ml bottle of Bioderma, worked out to be quite cheap actually!

I literally did a little dance in the isle of Sainsburys when I saw these 1.5L bottles! Never knew you could get this size! Plus they were on offer 2 for £3 ☻Happy days!

I hope you enjoy the post! Leave your links to your Instagram posts below!

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I love these types of posts!! Where did you get your mug from? x

  2. Love your new mug - such a bargain too! x

  3. I loveee Iced Tea, too much! Love all your photos. x

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies Xx

    I got the mug from 'The Range' It's like a home store, not sure if you have any where you are but they do have a website so check on there. xx


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