Tuesday 15 May 2012

Lush - Skincare

You may have seen on twitter that I'm cutting my skincare down and using products which are natural and fragrance free. I wrote a blog post about my new updated skincare routine, day & night and then remembered i forgot to add these two new products in there! I've been using Ultrabland on and off and then using Full Of Grace as a night time treatment.

Lush Cleanser- Ultrabland

Ultrabland is a thick creamy consistency which melts into the skin, Lush describe it as a rich, soft oily cleansing cream that cares for all skin types. I would agree with that.
The smell is nothing off putting nor anything amazing but it does the job and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. I've been experiencing break outs and my skin has gone a little AWOL to say the least. So I've been using this alongside some other trusted cleansers which I love, I will be posting my updated skincare routine soon so pop back this week to see it.

Ultrabland* 45g

I've been using Ultrabland exactly how I would use my Liz Earle C&P, this is so gentle you can use it all over the face including the eye area. I love using a cleanser which removes eye makeup as well as face makeup in one go.

Lush Serum Bar- Full Of Grace.

This smells lush! I think the mix of essential oils gives it that aromatherpay feel. When you open up the paper bag the smell just hits you 'BAM'. A small amount goes a long way, as you can imagine this is a solid bar so once you rub this for a little while between your palms the bar begins to melt and therefore leaving you with an oily residue on your hands which is the serum. So don't get too carried away and let the bar melt for too long else your face will resemble an oil slick. All I'm going to say is trust me on this one *wink*. I took a photo to show you how long this has lasted, I've been using this mainly in the evenings for the past couple weeks and there's still tons left.

Full Of Grace* 20g

Full Of Grace is a generous size, I wanted to show you just how big the bar is. Obviously the more you use it it's going to get smaller. However you are getting a nice amount of product for £7.95

Have you tried any of the Lush Skincare?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I used the full of grace at night as well and I love it ! xx


  2. wow.. great skinscare.


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