Tuesday 1 May 2012

I Love pastels

Despite the terrible British weather I'm still LOVING pastels and cream nail polishes! I wanted to show you my favourite polishes which I've been wearing and can't wait to try again this spring/summer.

What are you're favourite pastel shades? I'm a HUGE fan of GOSH's Lavender Love and have been on a mission ever since I first tried it to find dupes. I have found a couple but they're not as close as I would've hoped. However after some googling I've bought ORLY Snowcone from Ebay, just got to wait for it make it's journey all the way from the States! I will of course be blogging and comparing it against my other 'Cornflower' blue shades.

Sherrie x♥x♥


  1. Wow you have so many! GOSH's Lavender Love does look gorgeous, I love cornflower blue shades. It would be nice to see if you do find a dupe :)

    Frances xx


  2. Actually thought about painting my nails different pastel colours this week.... walked past Miss Selfridge about an hour ago and the models on the pics on their windows had pretty pastel toe nails! Lovely collection you got there! x

  3. I love pastel shades as well!! I just got Essie's Eternal Optimist yesterday and I'm loving it so much at moment! :)


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