Wednesday 23 May 2012

Clarins- Enchanted Summer Collection 2012

In case you didn't realise I'm a big Clarins fan, I love their famous Beauty Flash balm and their treatment products and then there's the makeup which is my favourite part! Be warned this is a photo heavy post, I wanted to show you the products in depth.

Enchanted Summer is due to launch late May ready for this Summer 2012, there's a mix of gorgeous bronzing powder duos SPF15, Instant Smooth Crystal lip balm (LE), Enchanted Eye Quartet & Eye liner palette (LE), Colour Quench Lip Balms and the very exciting Kohl Kajal. I found myself instantly swatching the Kohl Kajals first off then the Crystal lip balms and then the bronzing duo.
I think this collection genuinely has something for everyone, whether you want a nice lip balm for the summer which adds a beautiful wash of colour on the lips or whether you just want to pick up a bronzer. However once you feast your eyes on the beautifully packaged Enchanted palette I think You'll find it hard not to pick one up. I was very kindly sent some items from the collection and wanted to show you what I've been reaching for first.

Enchanted Quartet & Eyeliner palette*- First off I wanted to capture how intricate the detailing is on the compact, Clarins took inspiration from India for traditional patterns and striking shimmering tones inside the compact. The shadows inside also have been adorned with traditional Indian patterns. I did have to hesitate a couple times before trying the palette ha ha! The compact is the perfect Summer palette, a mix of subtle golds and then intense vibrant violet. There's 4 eyeshadows and a rich golden brown powder eye liner, also included is 2 sponge tipped applicators for when you're on the go or for touch ups during the day.

Kohl Kajal*- When I first saw and read about the collection I instantly fell in love with the Kohl Kajals. I loved the look and sound of them, and I can confirm they are beautiful and a must for any eye liner fanatic out there. They come in 2 shades- Black and Violet. Perfect for all year round, these would be a great addition to your stash! One word of warning though, when you take off the lid you must lift the lid in an upwards motion to prevent breaking the Kohl.

Bronzing Powder Duo*- I'm sure you all remember the very popular bronzer from the 2011 Summer collection. If not I will jog your memory with one word 'Moasic' yep, remember now? Whilst they haven't launched another big bronzer there are 3 new bronzing duos each containing SPF15. They come in Light, medium, Dark. I actually have the dark and to be honest it works fine on my skin tone, you only need a little, but I've been using it as an all over bronzer but also as my contour and it works perfectly for both! The packaging has a chic tortoiseshell lid and comes housed in  the traditional Clarins pouch but instead of red the bronzers come in a deep brown pouch.

Colour Crystal Lip Balms*- I was a fan of these last year so when I saw them in the collection I thought they had just re-promoted them. OH NO, I was SO wrong! Yes they have re-promoted them BUT and that's a BIG but. They still have their transparent glossy balm, but it's wrapped around a column of glossy lipstick. They are still very glossy but not sticky or thick like an actual lip gloss. When you apply them to your lips, the center adds the colour whilst the outer shell adds a subtle gloss to the lips. These are very hydrating and perfect to carry around with you. I think they're genius, 2 products in 1, you don't need to add a lipstick and then a balm over the top, this does it all for you!

Colour Quench Lip balm*- Another 2 beautiful shades added to the collection, Pink Japuir and Nude Dehli. I love the names of them don't you? Pink Japuir is what I would class as the perfect summer shade, rich in colour with beautiful gold shimmer. Where as Nude Dehli was a bit of a surprise when I saw it, I would probably where this in the Autumn months. Maybe that's just me or maybe it wouldn't suit my skin tone as nicely as others, what do you peeps think?

Clarins Enchanted Summer will be launching the end of this month May 2012, so not long to wait! Keep an eye out at your local counter or online

Will you be picking anything up from this collection?

Sherrie x♥x☻


  1. Everything looks fab and you look gorgeous!!

  2. I've never tried anything from Calrins....but your post has got me really tempted now. I love the eyeshadow detailing and the lip balm/sticks have a great colour pay off. I think i'll have to go shopping now!!!!!

  3. Beautiful products - I'm loving the Violet eyeliner on you, just gorgeous!

    Nic x

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies :) this is a beautiful collection.

    @Karen- Thank you x

    @Jollybeachang- you should pop to a counter and have a little nosey. The Bronzer is amazing! So are the crystal lip balms x

  5. @Nic- thanks hun, the Violet eye liner looks amazing on and even more stunning when you add the vibrant violet shade from the Enchanted Quartet compact over the top.x

  6. Everything in this collection is stunning! Especially the eyeshadow quad and bronzer.


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