Saturday 7 April 2012

Mini H&M shop & Topshop Highlighter...

Morning everyone, I wanted to blog about my mini shipping trip yesterday because they where giving £5 Gift Card when you spent over £10. The Gift Cards are valid next week with a minimum spend of £10.
What was even better for me was the fact I actually had a £10 gift card which I received last Saturday, it was part of a Bridesmaid Gift which I was kindly given along with a beautiful vintage style Butterfly Necklace from Accessorize.

So off I went yesterday afternoon and picked up this very plain but stylish sleeveless fawn coloured top. I knew the colour and style I was after, because my mum bought me some palazzo pants and I wanted to get a plain coloured top as the trousers are the main feature with a pattern. 


The too was only £6.99 which is a real steal don't you think? Once I worked my way through the rails I saw a stash of these beautiful bold swallows which really caught my eye. I immediately pictured the necklace with the top and my palazzo pants. Mission complete.


Then when I took my items to the till and handed over the gift card, I soon realised I had miscounted the items, oops. Top £6.99 + Necklace £3.99 = £10.98! I couldn't use my bank card as I didn't have it so opened up my very sad looking change compartment and literally emptied it out on the counter and I had exactly 98p how fricking spooky is that? It's so funny how things work out. Then once my items where bagged up I was handed the £5 gift card and well on my way, a very happy customer.

Next stop was Topshop where I have been eyeing up their Highlighter Sunbeam. I first found out about this highlighter last year after reading Gh0stparties blog. Then soon found out they had stopped selling it :( boo hoo! However they're selling it again, yippee, so I had to pick one up.

Upon swatching the tester I knew Sunbeam was coming home with me, this is totally different from any highlighter I have. Which to be fair is saying a lot because I am a highlighter fiend! I love the yellow gold highlight this gives. It's very pigmented and I would go as far to say this rivals my Mac Shimpagne. I wouldn't say this is a dupe what so ever but I can see me using this more! I will of course do a comparison.Another good point which I must say is cost, Sunbeam will set you back £10 which is very good value considering the amount of product you're getting.

What have you been excited over recently? New top? New book? New product? I'd love to know!!

Sherrie xoxo


  1. the highlighter looks great!

  2. Thanks for your comment! It's really pretty and looks amazing on the cheek bones! x


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