Monday 12 March 2012

Skincare update- L'OCCITANE Immortelle range

I've finished up some skincare items recently and have started using some new products which I've never tried before from L'Occitane. I've heard some great reviews about their Immortelle range and as I'm turning the big 30 at the end of the year I wanted to 'UP' my skincare regime a little. I'm still using certain skincare products I was using before but the main products I'm using are their Essential Water, Eye Balm and their Immortelle face cream and divine extract. I love the packaging, the vibrant royal blue and the simplicity of the labels make the range look traditional and stand out from other products on my cabinet.


After cleansing the next step in my regime is a toner, there's not many toners which I like the smell of but the Immortelle Essential Water smells lovely. This particular toner makes toner all that more appealing and I rarely skip this step out of my regime now. L'Occitane describe the scent as a light floral water with green tea extracts, it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight which many toners do. I could saturate 5 cotton balls and just keep sweeping this over my face it's that nice but I'm being good and refraining from doing this so I can make it last as long as possible which I predict wont be long!


Following on from the Essential Water my next step varies between either applying my eye cream or in this case the Divine Extract which is a youth serum, now going back to when I mentioned before that I wanted to change my skincare slightly to suit my age I really wanted to start using a product which gave my skin that extra treat. Divine Extract does exactly this, my skin looks plump and much smoother which is always a bonus for me because I think foundation always looks better on smooth even skin. That's why I'm a firm believer in sticking to a good skin care regime, then your makeup will look amazing. With special thanks to the essential oil myrtle, which stimulates the skin to help increase cell renewal therefore giving us that fresh healthy glow which we all desire.


I've seen a couple rave reviews about the Precious Eye Balm so I was eager to try this to see if it was as good as I'd read, eye creams can be tricky and finding a good one is hard I think. So many claim to do this and that, get rid of your dark circles and so on and to be truthfully honest I haven't as of yet noticed a difference in my dark circles but I don't think any cream would lighten them. I've had them from a young age and I've just learnt to live with them, however I have noticed that because I'm naturally prone to dark circles I they do tend to look worse and more accentuated when I'm tiered. Thankfully since using the precious eye balm I've not noticed this and believe me I've woken up some mornings still half asleep thanks to my toddler waking through the night! The skin around my eye area is smooth and soft and very plump, I don't have any fine lines starting which is good, what's the point waiting for the wrinkles to come and then use an eye cream? I know around your 30's you can start noticing your crows feet and fine lines start to lay down BUT no I will not let them! I've been really happy and impressed with the Eye Balm and would recommend this if you are concerned about anti-ageing and fine lines.

Then last but by no means least the luxurious Immortelle Day Cream SPF20, I say luxurious because for me this cream is, not only to look at but my god it's thick and creamy which I LOVE! I have normal-dry skin so this is perfect for me.

What interested me about the range besides the great reviews was the consumer panel results for the Day Cream, the following results show:

Proven effectiveness:

From the very first application, skin is smoother (87%) and younger looking
After one month of use, deep wrinkles are less pronounced (70%)
and skin slackening is reduced (77%)*.
Proven effectiveness on both the length and depth of wrinkles**.
* Consumer test on 53 women over 4 weeks
** Effectiveness measured on 26 women over 4 weeks


Have you tried any of the Immortelle Range?

Sherrie xoxo

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